Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Myth of Global Cooling

One of the more common arguments made by Global Warming Deniers goes like this: we shouldn't believe global warming predictions now, because in the 1970's they were predicting an ice age and/or cooling surfaces. Finally, a nice article (h/t to DeSmogBlog) that debunks this line of reasoning.

Whoa! Talking about the weather? That should calm the old visit counter for the time being. After discussing the matter with the good Cerberus, I am declaring a truce with Cherniak over the Liberal Party Purity Wars. If Kinsella raises his head out of the sewer again, however, I shall have to strike back. Realize this, WK, I am after your job (and I want it quick, too, before the Post goes T.U.)


iggyforpresident said...

War breaks out in Liberal blogdumb while I'm gone! Why I'm I not surprised. And outed by Kinsella, what a doofus.

BigCityLib-Dumb-as-a-Bag-of-Hammers said...

One year ago this week, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The summer of 2005 saw many hurricanes and some very active ones. The media, climate experts and alarmists all screamed in unison that this was proof of global warming, the sky falling, the end of the planet etc.

SO the summer of 2006 is a very, very quiet hurricane season. Logic says its proof of global cooling.

N’est pas

bigcitylib said...

Don't fight, guys, you're both trolls.

iggyforpresident said...

The LPC's new web site I see:

Ti-Guy said...

Jason Kenney for Ayatollah!