Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Myth of Global Cooling

One of the more common arguments made by Global Warming Deniers goes like this: we shouldn't believe global warming predictions now, because in the 1970's they were predicting an ice age and/or cooling surfaces. Finally, a nice article (h/t to DeSmogBlog) that debunks this line of reasoning.

Whoa! Talking about the weather? That should calm the old visit counter for the time being. After discussing the matter with the good Cerberus, I am declaring a truce with Cherniak over the Liberal Party Purity Wars. If Kinsella raises his head out of the sewer again, however, I shall have to strike back. Realize this, WK, I am after your job (and I want it quick, too, before the Post goes T.U.)

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bigcitylib said...

Don't fight, guys, you're both trolls.