Friday, August 11, 2006

"He Was a Nice Little Boy

...and then he grew up and turned religious", said a neighbor to one of the English terror suspects.

Man, that's what gets 'em every time, from Bin Laden to McVeigh.

BigCityLib, Godless and proud of it.


Anonymous said...

And from the ranks of the Godless: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot.

Anonymous said...

And from the ranks of the idiot cowards: Anonymous troll strikes again.

Fanatics of any stripe are dangerous... even cowardly anonymous ones.

Anonymous said...

"even cowardly anonymous ones"

And your name is...

bigcitylib said...

His name is "Alberta Report", as mine is "BigCityLib". I don't really care if the name is "real" or not, but it would be nice to know what individuals the individual comments came from.

I think the point is, you are even more cowardly than someone using a pseudonym.

Anonymous said...

A simple argument. Fact is, religion is used to stir up the masses in favour of political or monetary gain. Organized religion is like any other aspect of humanity, it can be used for good or evil. It is mostly used for good because it provides moral backbone to society.

You may claim you have plenty of morals as a godless heathen, but those morals were passed down to you in the Christian-Judeo tradition.

The attacks against anon are lame. Who cares if he's to lazy to give himself a name.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to turn news like this around, generalise it as religion as a whole and not just Islam, and use it for your own Christian-hating ends, reveals the absolute depravity of the so-called "progressive" left. When you can't look at a wolf charging your flock of sheep, and see a wolf, there is definitly something wrong with your ability to process information.

Anonymous said...

Fanatics of all stripes are dangerous. I reserve my most withering criticism for the fanatics of my own faith...Opus Dei catholics.

Nutcases, for the most part.

Anonymous won't come out because he's the same person at every frikkin progtressive blog. Some poster-boy for anger-management or at-risk youth, would be my guess.

Anonymous said...


Are athletes killing in the name of God? Just because two different religios groups appear the same doesn't make them equally nutty. A Christian or a Jew or most Muslims for that matter aren't going to kill you for not believing in God. None of my ancestors were slaves to anyone and they went to an Anglican church every Sunday.

Right now there is a fanatical element in the Muslim faith. Westerners need to get out of the 60s and see it for what it is. The bums lost and John Lennon's dead and so are his childish poems.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that I loathe the Beatles and Lennon in particular. I was born in the 70's so I'm more about Madonna's message of hope (being that she was big when I was old enough to get into music).

I'm just saying that people think that these fanatical Muslims are nuts and I don't think they're any nuttier than our friends Weibo Ludwig and Timothy McVeigh.

And in the bigger picture, godless heathens such as myself fail to see how any of the religious groups aren't at the same level of nuttiness-what the heck is drinking the blood and eating the body of Christ all about? Symbolic yes, but nutty nonetheless.

Christianity, for example, is little more than an outdated way of keeping the lowly uneducated serfs in line. Of course it provided our society with a 'moral compass' (if you forget about the legacy of sexual abuse that goes along with it, the absolute defiance of logic ie refusing to endorse the use of condoms in parts of Africe, etc etc) but clearly humans in general were already on that path without the love of Jesus or Allah or Buddha.

Anonymous said...

There's a big difference between a few crackpot christians, who no other Christians take seriously, and masses of hysterical armed muslims. Many mosques openly preach hatred of Jews and Christians. Do you hear much criticism of Muslims coming from liberal arts type folks? Meanwhile, Harper doesn't go to some parade or sporting event noone cares about and he's a rightwing homophobe. Get real.

By the way, Madonna sucks.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to accept your comments about Madonna-her music gives meaning to the lives of her fans and all mankind.