Thursday, August 24, 2006

BigCityLib's Thought For the Day: If Trudeau Had Blogged... 19, with views like those documented here? He would surely have been drummed out of the Liberal party.

Think about it.

Well, that's all there is today. The wife and I are off for a pizza in a bit.

On other matters, thanks to Kate for the link, although I question your using my high profile to bump up traffic at SDA, especially since you won't let me on to respond to comments, answer questions, sell t-shirts, and so forth.


Christoph Dollis said...

Well, his galavanting around Quebec in a Nazi uniform and motorcycle certainly wouldn't have gone over well when reported over the net.

However, I acknowledge, despite his financially ruinous and divisive leftism and collectivism, he was a man of intellectual courage and a strong leader by the time he hit full stride.

By that time, I'm sure he didn't look back on this particular excess of his youth with fondness. People improve.

No one that I know says that Thomas Hubert should have no future political career (as a volunteer or politician for that matter).

Everyone that I know whom I've talked with about this thinks he should grow up, learn, give up his most excessive hateful thoughts, develop a more balanced worldview, and after he has a chance to genuinely do all thisand internalize it, come back in politics or in whatever career choices he wishes.

You're 43, however, and he's only 19. I'm curious when you're going to leave behind the childish fits and anti-Semitism.

bigcitylib said...

Thomas Hubert political life has been destroyed. When bald fucks like you are left deciding when or if someone should have a political future, than they probably don't have one.

What I want to know is when you're gonna grow some hair and lose some weight, nut boy.

Hey, d'you think I've changed since my identity has been revealed? Not likely, butthead.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah, Ti-Guy, I wouldn't nail this guy for his website. I've been there, I've seen it. Lets just put it to one side and forget, you know? There's no law against what he's doing.