Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley: My Eye Condition Makes Me Sensitive To Economy Vehicles

So what else could she do but wrack up a $861.35 bill to have a Limo drive her to a luncheon meeting?

Man, she must really dig the taste of rubber chicken.

h/t to Michelle.


Ti-Guy said...

Now, now. Graves Disease can also cause dementia.

Anonymous said...

suppose she could have used a government helicopter, if we have any after Cretin canceled the contracts so he could instead buy un-tendered business jets from his butt buddies over at Bombardier

Ti-Guy said...

Heh. You gotta admit...these wingnut brains make connections that are so rococo, they should be considered works of art.

...let's put their brains under glass in some museum, somewhere. We'll get the Canada Council to fund it.

Torian said...

wow, what happened to the $2000 limo ride? ;)

Anonymous said...

maybe she went to Volpe's favorite pizza parlour in Torrana . . how many trips did Joe make over the years ??

Anonymous said...

I guess one way to get neo-cons to sputter inchoate idiocies is to point out their putrid hypocrisy.

The other way, of course, is to get them to say something...anything.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I didn't know that when you hail a cab or order one to be waiting for you at a certain time - that "you" are required to drive the cab. Never happened to me. My cabs provided drivers.

Anonymous said...

Joe Volpe's cost of pizza hardly came close the the cost of the plane for Rahim Jaffer and buddies to fly to Toronto to see if they could eat pizza for less.

Cost of pizza against cost of a plane plus pizza for one MP and his buddies - hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if Cool-Ray Finley is disabled, the government has a plan already in place to help her: Handi-Dart. Special rides and specially marked parking spots.
If Coolray Finley is so disabled she needs limos vs. taxis or Handi-Darts, just how well can she perform her duties for her electorate, let alone Government?

Anonymous said...

Just asking, but an Immigration Minister unable to look closely at applications makes me think there might be some oversight going on.
If the Minister is precluded from discerning to the extent her doctors preclude her from driving, how confident should Canadians feel when said Minister is apparently looking at files?

Anonymous said...

$862? She's a minor league rookie compared to THIS cash-trough pig!!



Hey Isaac, how's that for putrid hypocrisy? We're waiting
for your sputtered inchoate idiocies. As usual.