Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oil Company Chief: Kyoto Won't Hurt Us

From The Vancouver Sun:

OTTAWA --Kyoto protocol targets won't cause economic turmoil in the Alberta oilsands, a senior Canadian petroleum executive said Monday as he urged the minority Conservative government not to punish his industry with excessive regulations to reduce the pollution that causes global warming.

Will the fear mongering stop? Or will Gordon Lambert, vice-president for sustainable development at Suncor, be accused of having supped with Suzuki?

h/t to Desmogblog.


alfred said...

It's well known that the major 'sands operators are having a close look at going to small nukes to power the extraction process and make steam for the upgrading, replacing natural gas in the process. Not only would this eliminate CO2 it could make real economic sense given the cost of gas and tightening supply outlook.

Lambert may be making a subtle pitch here for gov't cooperation if the industry decides to go for the nukes. But the greenies don't much care for nukes either. Windmills anyone?

bigcitylib said...

They are also looking at geothermal.

Anonymous said...

No one could meet the targets. Eddie Goldenberg, a senior Liberal advisor, has revealed today that the government of Jean Chretien always knew that the targets were unachievable. Worse yet, another source explains that the targets were set in a completely capricious manner, unconnected in any way to any kind of science.