Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Newsflash: Antony And Cleopatra Were BOTH Ugly!

That's Cleo on the ancient coin to the left and, on the basis of the same coin's flip-side, Tony is described as having "bulging eyes, a hook nose and a thick neck."

Cleo possessed nothing in the way of hooters, apparently. I guess they both drank lots of beer before having sex.


Unknown said...

Great news

I hope everybody read this article


Anonymous said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So is ugly.

Ask your wife.

Ti-Guy said...

Kate, stop trolling.

Anonymous said...

God Save The Queen

Anonymous said...

I prefer our dollar coin: our foreign head of state on one side and a dorky bird that dives under water at the first sign of trouble on the other. Kinda sums up the country.

Ti-Guy said...

The loon is a beautiful bird, you hate-filled traitor.

Anonymous said...

Well, we really don't know what they felt was beautful in those days do we?

Marilyn Monroe, for example, would be considered fat today. A lot of people consider Rona Ambrose (who happens to have the thickest neck I've ever seen on a woman) beautiful - to me she's not.

Anonymous said...

How could that be? In the movie, they were both played by beautiful people.

Don't try to tell me that Hollywood got it wrong . . . EVERYTHING that comes out of Hollywood is accurate.