Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thank You Mark Holland

You See, an Eastern Liberal goes West and gives 'em shit, and suddenly the oil path discovers a way to clean up its act:

Major players in the oil sands, under political pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, have quietly formed an industry-wide consortium to explore using heat in the Earth's crust as a clean alternative to natural gas.

This might be it for today. I was out last night with some of TO's finest bloggers (like JimBobby, BCer in Toronto, CC and etc.) and, unfortunately, over-medicated. I remember paying the bill (at The Secret TO Pub, which had fine wings, but rather small), and getting out before the police arrived. Not much afterwards. Had a great time, and hope to do it again soon. At the next event, however, someone should stop me at pint number 8.


Anonymous said...

With all those beer farts I expect you'll be buying some carbon credits soon.

Jeff said...

Was good to meet you BigCity. Remember, drink lots of water. I hear greasy food helps too... :)

Anonymous said...

Now that Mark Holland has spoken to the Alberta oil patch, I hope that he will now give the Ontario auto sector, the Quebec aerospace industry and the Pickering Nuclear plant in his riding the same message to clean up their act as well. We will now see whether or not he is really serious about emissions, or is just postering to Ontario and Quebec voters.

KC said...

Anon @ 12:44 - Holland is the NATURAL RESOURCES CRITIC. Not the industry critic, and not the environment critic. It is his job to focus on the natural resources sector.

Anonymous said...

good for Mark . . after he does his thing its announced that BC and Alberta had 56,000 of new jobs in all of Canada, an astonishing figure considering the national increase was 89,000

He goes back to Ontario and the jobless rate INCREASES from 6.1% to 6.4%

People of Ontario should listen to Mark Holland. He sure helped in BC and Albert.

Just think of what will happen when the Liberals force the country to go down the Kyoto path. Ontario will be screwed.

I think what we should do is lay off one public sector employee for every private sector job Kyoto compliance kills. That will spread the pain around equally between the economic contributors and the teat-suckers.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea, anonymous!

...Oh, no sorry. It's a stupid idea. My bad.