Friday, February 16, 2007

Fishing For Women In The NDP Pond?

From The Natty Post:

OTTAWA -- The federal Liberal party is attempting to increase its contingent of female candidates by trying to poach elected or formerly elected politicians from Jack Layton’s New Democratic Party, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

A Liberal official confirmed Thursday that former B.C. NDP premier Ujjal Dosanjh was dispatched to find out if two high-profile West Coast female New Democrats, Dawn Black and Penny Priddy, would bolt to the official Opposition.

It's The Post so this might be entirely bullshit. If not, though, I'm not sure how I feel about it. After Belinda and Scott and David and Wajid and Garth, I find that my ideals are sufficiently shredded that the idea no longer seems particularly offensive. On the other hand, if it was supposed to be a kind of "dark op" and Ujjal got caught, the Libs look a bit ham-fisted.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I thought we were FOR people crossing the floor.

Anonymous said...

Catfish I presume.

Anonymous said...

liberals trying a stealth merge on their socialist brudders & sisters ??

"Solidarity forever . . . ."

rockfish said...

What alot of nonsense. Dosanjh, who Black worked for in the provincial leg, probably stopped by to say 'hello'. Priddy? One of them is my MP and even I know they'd be too ideologically ill-fitted. Sounds fishy, conveniently Dosanjh is in the hospital and is being used by the NDP for this ripe tiny rumour.
If he did it, so what? Mark my words, there are NDP people pissed with Layton/cozying up to Harpor. But you won't be reading about it POSSIBLY happening it in the com-Post... It'll either happen and you'll read it or it won't.

Anonymous said...

big city lib wrote "It's The Post so this might be entirely bullshit"

read before you post they learned from the vancouver sun.

Anonymous said...

Ah, why wasn't a fuss made when the Conservatives tried to woo Ruby Dhalla and others?

Why is this such a big issue? Apparently, they did it because they heard there were some unhappy people amongst the Layton ranks.

canuckistanian said...

i'm sure dr. ignatieff is incensed that the liberal party might be fishing in the "wrong pond"...the "ideological ghettoe", so to speak ;-)