Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dalton Goes Green

Yeah its an election year, and Dalton is rolling out the environmental promises again:

STRATFORD, Ont. -- Ontario will soon unveil an "aggressive'' plan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions that Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday will not come at the cost of the province's struggling auto industry.

Last time around it was Dalton's promises on the environment that went overboard first, and I would like to know what will prevent him from breaking my heart a second.

...although the Ontario Green Belt was a bonafide accomplishment on the Ontario Liberal's part, one they should be proud of and haven't got alot of credit for.


Anonymous said...

Who the hell would believe anything that doltan proposes ever again.Most untrustworthy two faced politico that ever came down the pipes.Put your bike helmet on because the Oct.10 election is coming and this useless lying piece of libsh*t is about to say trust me once again.Most useless politician that Ontario ever had.

Ti-Guy said...

That's "came down the pike," 'nonny.

Such illiteracy. *tsk*

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fruit Fly will not be pleased with his buddy Dulton . . . .he'll have to help the dippers instead.

Anonymous said...

Dalton is a blatant liar, no promises he makes on the campaign trail will mean anything at all on October 11th if he's re-elected. He'll just spit in your face, again.

Anonymous said...

About Dalton's promises - hard to keep when the Federal government breaks promises. Ontario was promised $593 million to help shut down the coal plants (one has been sht down) and on the campaign trail Harper "promised" (also by letter) to honour the pledge. So far "no money". Now I think Harper will do so just prior to the election in October to buy votes BUT with Harper being PM for 13 months now and by the time the election happens in Ontario that will be nearly 2YEARS WASTED not having that money - I say take the promised money from Harper if he offers it 2 years too late and run

I betcha Harper uses this promised money in 1996 to "buy votes".

Right folks, blame McGuinty for everything when you know darn well Harper wants John Tory in (hey remember fundraiser for Tory when Harper "rudely" ignored McGuinty.

Is Ontario going to be so stupid as to put up with this?

I certainly hope not. All you have to remember is Harper has the same ideology as Mike Harris and remember how that went in Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Seems the Tories are getting better at lying.