Saturday, February 17, 2007

Harry Potter...NEKKID! (WARNING: Graphic Content)



Anonymous said...


"Despite growing opposition within Liberal ranks, leader Stephane Dion says the party will "absolutely not" revisit its decision to oppose an extension of two controversial provisions of the Anti-terrorism Act on civil liberties grounds."

BCL fiddles while the LPC burns.

bigcitylib said...


You won't scare anyone with stuff from the Ott Cit.

Steve V said...


I'm trying to enjoy a morning tea.

Anonymous said...

That is what BCL likes with his tea.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile, even the Liberal loving Mop & pail is onto the Kyoto ponzi scheme.

The wheels just get looser and wobblier on Dion's bus. Its going to be a wonderful crash & burn.

And that's $10 Billion annually - every frik'n year. So much for Dr. Fruit Fly and his lies.

Globe editorial

Behind the gloss of Liberal Kyoto virtue
From Friday's Globe and Mail

The opposition parties, led by the Liberals, have pushed legislation through the House of Commons to force the government to meet Canada's obligations under the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse-gas emissions. No responsible government could come even close to reaching those targets without bankrupting the treasury. But in an effort to score political points, Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion has stubbornly plodded ahead, smearing the gloss of virtue on this economic and political folly.

Global warming is a reality. Canada has a moral obligation to curb its emissions. But instead of adopting smart policies, Mr. Dion has embraced a deeply flawed treaty -- when it is no longer clear that it is in Canada's best interests to remain a party to that pact. No doubt, the Liberals are congratulating themselves on their political savvy, convinced that they have painted Prime Minister Stephen Harper into a corner by depicting him as an anti-global-warming crank.

But it is the Liberals who are in a fix, cornered by their own doctrinaire allegiance to the pledge to slash greenhouse-gas emissions to 6 per cent below 1990 levels during the period from 2008 to 2012. Meanwhile, Mr. Harper has cannily adopted a green approach to governing. While he has not pledged to meet the Kyoto targets, next month's budget will reportedly make substantial investments in an emission-reduction plan. The Prime Minister is recasting himself as a green politician who still cares about economic growth.

In contrast, the Liberals will be left to explain their rash scheme if, as expected, this bill passes the Liberal-dominated Senate and receives royal assent. The legislation leaves no room to manoeuvre. Within 60 days after it comes into force, and every year thereafter to 2013, the government must table a highly specific plan to meet the Kyoto targets. To limit flexibility even further, within 120 days after the act comes into force, Environment Minister John Baird must stipulate the targets that he expects to meet for each year up to 2012. Even if the Conservatives try to ignore the law, most legal experts agree that activists could ask the courts to order compliance. And the government would have to obey.

It's the impossible nightmare. Last May, after years of Liberal inaction, the Conservative government conceded that the level of emissions in 2004 was 34.6 per cent above Canada's Kyoto target of an average of 563 million tonnes annually between 2008 and 2012. Canada's emissions have since sailed even higher, probably reaching 780 million tonnes a year.

Suppose Alberta eliminated all tar-sands development. That's a saving of 30 million tonnes a year. Suppose Ontario shut down all of its coal-fired power plants. That's 24 million tonnes. To cover the shortfall, Canada would have to go abroad to buy emission credits or sponsor carbon-reduction initiatives in other countries. Most experts put the price tag for that splurge at a minimum of $10-billion. It could go far higher as the market gets tighter, squeezing federal funds for everything from health care to retraining programs.

Worse, countries that meet those targets can carry their surplus credits past 2012. Any country that fails to meet its targets must carry a deficit multiplied by 1.3 on its post-Kyoto balance sheet. If Canada does not meet its targets, if it does not buy credits from other nations after 2012, Canadian exports could face sanctions under global trade rules from countries that have met their targets. And the 27 nations of the European Union are already collectively 14 per cent below their quota.

Mr. Dion has made a grave miscalculation. Both his party and the country could pay dearly for this mistake.

Anonymous said...

It's taken the liberal Globe heads a long time to come to this realization. Unfortunately I think the public has been thoroughly duped by the Libs and the media and wont wake up to this fact until they wake up one morning to find gasoline prices have been doubled and the money is going to Russia to buy 'Kyoto credits'.

The Rat said...

Daniel Radcliffe - Born July 23, 1989

From Wikipedia:


Under the Criminal Code provisions in Canada, material that shows someone who is or is "depicted as being" under 18, and is engaged or "depicted as engaged" in explicit sexual activity, is classified as "child pornography". Photographs of the genitals or anal region of someone under 18, "for a sexual purpose", are illegal, as are written texts that advocate sex with a child.

The penalty for making or distributing child pornography is up to 10 years in prison. Possession or "accessing" carries a potential sentence of up to 5 years.

And BCL comments:

Warner Brothers is worried about his movie career, but with an ass like that he can always do porn.

And so we can add Child Pornographer to the list of distasteful things BCL does. You can't claim artistic merit when you are commenting on his ass in a sexual manner. Where are those conservative judges when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Like Pete Townsend of The Who said when tagged for downloading kiddie stuff "it was for my personal research", he got off with a warning. How good are you with a guitar BCL?

bigcitylib said...

Whoa, rat, whipping out the child porn accusation thing a little early, aren't we? I guess you're saving the charge of "cannibalism" for the campaign itself.

The Rat said...

What! you're a cannibal, too? My God! (unless that offends, then it's Help Me Jeebus)

Can't blame a guy for stirring the pot, can you?

Ti-Guy said...

The Rat wrote a boring post on his silly blog, just repeating the comments here.'s not that you're obnoxious; but do you have to be so witless as well?

bigcitylib said...

If the Rat can get Kate over at SDA to stir a lynch mob, I will respond and we can have us a flame war.

It would be hardly sporting for me to engage in a battle of wits with one Conservative at a time.