Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tory MP Links Clean Air To Increased Wife Beating

From CanWest:

OTTAWA -- Opposition MPs and environmentalists are baffled and outraged by warnings from a Conservatives MP that aggressive action to fight climate change and air pollution could lead to an increase in domestic violence and suicides.

The remarks were made Thursday by Tory member of Parliament Jeff Watson at a parliamentary committee studying the minority government's proposed "clean air" legislation.

"With short-term transition toward medium- and long-term targets, there's potential for a lot of dislocation, which is a term for some very painful costs along the way: job loss, anxiety, depression, bankruptcy, domestic violence, costs to employment insurance or retraining, loss of charitable dollars in communities for people who used to have high paying jobs but don't anymore and the social services that are funded by those, and in rare instances, suicide," said Watson, the MP for the Windsor, Ont. riding of Essex .

This is the same Jeff Watson whose ex-campaign manager was recently acquitted of uttering death threats against him in the midst of a fairly tawdry sex scandal. I am not sure how these two events are linked, but they're a good way of bringing the terms "Tory fear-mongering" and "Tory sex scandal" into the same post.

In any case, Martin is being challenged by several other Tories for the nomination in Windsor/Essex, and apparently his challengers (Jeff Lappan, Craig Ball) are fairly hopeless cases. It is therefore incumbent upon all good Liberals to point out that Jeff Martin is not the sharpest knife in the drawer either, and encourage their Conservative brethren out in Windsor to take a flyer on a second string wing-nut when nomination time rolls around.


Anonymous said...

Hey big guy, it's a day to lighten up on the Cons, today is DAYTONA 500 DAY! Open a case of Bud, park your butt in front of the tube, and get ready to watch the good ol' boys pump out some serious CO2.

bigcitylib said...

And propylene oxide, apparently.

Anonymous said...

you might want to check into what happened when your butt-buddy Trudeau inflicted the NEP on Alberta . . . . divorce, suicide, violence . . that's what happens when the government ruins your life.

It did happen. It would happen again if we inflicted Kyoto on our economy and killed off 35% of our GDP

Ti-Guy said...

Ah you righties are always getting drunk, beating your wives and getting divorced. Who the hell wants to stay married to you walking miseries?

You don't need an NEP to get the righies to do what only comes naturally to them.

JimBobby said...

(Whooee!) In the Great Lakes Basin, on the Canadian side only, 3,000 premature deaths per year are chalked up to health problems created or exacerabated by dirty air. This has been the case for a number of years and the figures continue to rise.

This is what happens when unchecked industry ruins your life.

James Robert

Anonymous said...

The "righties" believe women are beneath them are there to service them, cook and clean for them and be baby machines for them.

So, REAL men wouldn't blame any policies on their failings.

What a bunch of whining girly men they are.

Red Tory said...

I think rather than recommending a second-rate wingnut, we should try to take the riding back. That used to be the Whelans' old seat, you know.

bigcitylib said...

I must have blown that joke in the telling, RT. Of course we encourage the hopeless Tory candidate in the nomination phase so as to win the riding back in the GE phase.

Anonymous said...

Layoffs as a result of "corporate greed", lead to a wide variety of social ills.

Layoffs as a result of Liberal boondoggles,

leads to happy people with more spare time on their hands.

Vote Liberal. Vote for happy unemployed people.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Watson is a man of integrity who works very hard for his constituency.

The non-Believers in this area have used their wickedness, and evil to destroy this great man.

WE Speak said...

"The non-Believers in this area have used their wickedness, and evil to destroy this great man."

I guess that makes me evil and wicked. I'll take that as a compliment. Calling Watson a "man of integrity" tells me you never spent more than two minutes with him in a room.

Anonymous said...

Nice of Chunkles to bring his dollop of regurgitated smear to today's precedings. Pretty weak attempt at trying to divert attention away from your man's mutterings.
This is why Harpor binds a tight gag on most of his candidates and MPs -- some have been licking the bindings of some pretty musty bibles.
Trying to reach Kyoto's goals isn't going to kill job one if industry and gov't team together, with R&D as a big investment. You know what this is, he Chunkie? it's what your feckless leader calls 'wasted tax dollars' as opposed to his 1% gst economy booster. Oh and by the way don't look now but Harpor and Flutery are heading us back to deficit territory. But then you look up to Bush, too, right?

Anonymous said...

Explain this to me: how does reducing our energy use by 30% only reduce our GDP by 1%?

If we have to eliminate 200 MegaTonnes of CO2, we could achieve 1/4 of that goal by removing all vehicles from use. All vehicles contribute about 50 MT. Killing the oilsands would drop another 30 or so. And I think Ontario contributes about 120 MT, so if we simply shut down Ontario, we've got it made! Easy as pie! I'm sure the rest of Canada would vote for that. After all, we're saving the planet aren't we, and on average it will only be a little inconvenience that may be experienced.

Anonymous said...

That's like the other old question to a Liberal, "Have you stopped stealing from the government?"