Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stephen Taylor Says French Anti-Dion Ads Land Today

So I imagine it will happen. He is speculating that the ads might mention Dion's comments on the "adscam liberals" being invited back into the party. If so, very smart, since that is Mr. D's only major screw-up as Lib Leader thus far.

Update: And here is the CTV story on them.


Anonymous said...

What's the problem with having 'adscam liberals' back in the party, some never left. Don't be so intolerant.

Olaf said...


I put out a post a few hours before Stephen, speculating the exact same thing. Whats the deal?

Sure, you could make the argument that I was just "guessing", that I "didn't talk to any sources within the government", that I have "a habit of lying" and that I have "no credibility whatsoever"... but still! Shouldn't my wildly unfounded guesses be treated with the same level of believability as Stephen Taylor's well established sources inside the government?

No... I guess you're right, they definitely shouldn't... but still.

Ti-Guy said...

Smear time! Maybe someone should dig up the dirt on the separatists who no doubt helped produce those ads?

Your CON political contributions...helping separatists make a living.