Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Turn That Frown Upside Down, Liberals!

Because all you've heard about the Liberal collapse appears to be crap! From the latest Decima:

The Decima survey, provided to The Canadian Press, gives the Liberals a one percentage point lead nationally – 33 per cent to 32 per cent – which is within the 3.1 percentage point margin of error.

The survey puts the NDP at 15 per cent, the Bloc Quebecois at nine, and the Green party at eight.

Kiss My Ass, Paul Wells! And you Blogging Tories! You kiss my ass too. Hey, Prairie Wrangler? Guess What? Kiss my ass TWICE!


Anonymous said...

Add 4 points to teh Torie when you are talking about Decima.

I hope these numbers from Decima encourage your party to take the government down.

Ti-Guy said...

teh Torie...*snick*

Olaf said...


I don't know if ass kissing is necessarily called for under the circumstances... and for the record, it's no real skin off my back, since I'm not a party member or anything.

Anyways, we'll see how the French ads play out - apparently people think they're pretty snazy. I need to get them translated.

Ti-Guy said...

Snazzy? I think they're silly. The narrator's digusted voice, suggesting Dion is evil....eeeevil...is over-the-top. And one of the adverts even tries to be funny. Uh, Conservatives? We've talked about you guys and teh funny before...

Anonymous said...

A fourteen point drop in voter rich Ontario in one month,

and your celebrating?

Fourteen points,

in one month.

You know you're in trouble when.....

Anonymous said...

Hard to know which West some people speak of. Out here, Campbell and Harper are synonymous.
Ionno how many people across Canada think that BC being Liberal means the same as Fed. Out here, Liberals are Cons in sheep's clothing.
Out here on the rocky salty west, we're in a press between a Harper and a hard place. The NDP are the only ones trying to help the ordinary Vancouverite. It's terrible. With the Olympics rolling in, guess who gets rolled over? It surely isn't someone worried about fiscal imbalance.
In BC, Liberals are Conservatives. Fools a lot of people, but then that's not surprising when money flashes in your eyes.
Some Canadians want to think that voting Con will make a difference. Nope. They look around with wonder when their $40,000 house suddenly shoots to $400,000 value then shout in glee! Sell. Uh oh, now where can I live? Uh oh...
The next homeless will be those who sold too early, or believed in Harper not taxing income trusts.
Good thing the west coast of Canada is mostly mild and the homeless are more gently treated.

Torian said...

I was going to mention about the 14 point drop, too, but someone beat me to it.

I do subscribe to the idea that the only poll worth its salt is on election day, but it does seem like Dion and the libs are in a bit of a free fall.

But I am not gonna take away your thrill at a 1 point lead in a decima poll. I figure the libs need something to keep their chin up

Anonymous said...

With all this fuss, I wonder what Nick Nanos knows? In a panel discussion on CPAC about his poll - he said that the poll only showed that people were OK with Harper's management skills - NOT his policies.

Does Nanos have another poll in the waiting - I have to wonder because why would he say that.

Powers didn't look too happy about the policy part.

Ti-Guy said...

I do subscribe to the idea that the only poll worth its salt is on election day, but it does seem like Dion and the libs are in a bit of a free fall.

In other words, you're comfortable making two wildly contradictory assertions in the same paraphraph..ie. polls are unimportant and this poll indicates a very definite trend.

You know, it's not that I disagree with Conservatives politically. I just think most of you are really, really stupid.