Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, At Least Albertans Are Normal In THAT Respect

From The Lifesite:

EDMONTON, Alberta, February 27, 2007 ( - More than one-third of young teenage boys aged 13-14 report viewing pornographic DVDs or videos “too many times to count”, a new study from the University of Alberta found, with boys living in rural areas the most likely to access porn.


Nearly half the boys from rural regions said they had viewed pornographic videos or DVDs at least once, compared to children from urban areas who reported a one-in-three rate of exposure to pornographic videos.

I guess cow-tipping gets a bit stale after awhile. Whereas city kids can always go to the opera. Sonya Thompson, lead researcher on the study, went on to comment:

“If you’re 13 and you can’t put a number on the times [you’ve viewed porn], that’s a little frightening.”

It's also a terrible indictment of the Alberta educational system, and an opportunity for Kevin Taft and the Alberta Liberal Party. I see a slogan: Vote Lib., And Your Kid Will Be At Least Know How Many Times They've Masturbated.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this what we wanted?

bigcitylib said...

Well, yes, studies like this DO suggest solidarity among the youth of the nation.

Ti-Guy said...

Whereas city kids can always go to the opera.

Heh. Hey, when I was growing up in the rural wilds (no Internet for porn; the best we could get was a boob now on then on Radio-Canada), we were visited by the Canadian Opera Company.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Yes ti-guy, but were you ever visited by travelling pornographers?

Is it possible that the real story here is that Alberta schools have forgotten to teach students how to count?

Just wondering.

Also, the study says nothing about variety! If you're 13, and you manage to get your hands on a pornographic video or dvd, well, trust me, you're watching that thing every time no one's home (and probably several times when people ARE home if you have a t.v. in your room, which many kids do). Would the people at the Lifesite be less concerned if they found that some kid was watching the same video countless times, rather than watching countless different videos?

Frankly, I was shocked the number was so high too. Why risk getting caught with a video or dvd in your room in the age of the internet? We really do need to teach our kids more about the wonders of the digital age.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Albertans don't want child care. The parents are doing just fine raising the little horrors without government or adult supervision... err interference, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Oh here we go - the right-wing religious wackos will be out again preaching family values.

Uh, what happened to all those boys prior to computers and internet and digital phones who hid Playboy, etc under their mattress - babyboomers.

I guess these white haired old folks just around the corner from collecting pension are weirdos now.

Anonymous said...

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