Monday, February 12, 2007

Tories Are Bringing Scary Back

Heather Stillwell is is a school trustee in Surrey, British Columbia, well known for her conservative opinions on homosexuality, abortion, and sex education. One of the founders of the Christian Heritage Party, she believes Canada should be run on Christian principles, which means no abortion, no gays, no porn, and Canadian soldiers dying in Iraq.

In an attempt to present a more moderate face to the Canadian public, the Harper Tories have been quietly smothering attempts by SoCons like Ms. Stillwell to run for Conservative Party nominations. However, in her case news got out and onto The LifeSite, and as a result of their expose, Heather is, so to speak, back on the menu:

"I just wanted to thank you for that fabulous story and I think that it moved something forward here because I've had a call and they are going to let me run," Stilwell told Saturday. "I've had a lot of response from people who were reading LifeSiteNews, so good on you guys."

Can't remember if the one of the Christian Heritage Party planks was a repeal of the metric system, and I don't know if Heather has personally resigned herself to measuring things in Satanic units, but I personally was just getting used to thinking of 32 degrees as being "hot", so I'd rather not throw the whole thing out the window.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you're right. Personal responsibility, strong families, and sacrifice to others is so unenlightened. Why can't they just be progressive (towards communistic big government) and get over it already?

Unknown said...

You know as a Christian I am so pleased that we have people dying in Iraq. I hope we can move on to other Islamic Countries too... What joy!

If anyone is pushing an Agenda it seems to be the lefties like you. Removing freedoms from people such as one of the basics of Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech is not acceptable... After all You are treading on a lne of spewing hate against Christians..

Anonymous said...

Yeah you're right. Personal responsibility, strong families, and sacrifice to others is so unenlightened.

What does this have to do with Christo-Crazies?

Removing freedoms from people such as one of the basics of Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech is not acceptable... After all You are treading on a lne of spewing hate against Christians.

Absolute rubbish. No one is limiting your freedom of belief in any way whatsoever and criticising ridiculous, primitive beliefs of religious fundamentalists is the freedom of expression you yourself claim is imperiled. You do not have the right to be free from offense, so I would suggest you simply avoid reading things that offend you.

I don't read LifeSite for that very reason.

rockfish said...

We're not letting them keep their women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen like they wanted, and the men are having to work with too many women who want to be 'equal'... The majority of Canadians do not support the anti-abortion manifesto nor the death penalty or their version of big government (when its subjecting other citizens of other countries to do the hoky-poky Jesus-style) but these people just don't get it.
If Canada (or the free world) is going to hell in a hand basket, they're bringing their own weaver to complete the job...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for that, Bill O'Reilly. Now, show us yer tits!

canuckistanian said...

is she the school trustee who got in trouble for arguing that teachers should carry handguns in classrooms??? we need more clear thinkers like her in the conservative caucus. not only will they be good for a laugh, they will be good for the libs electorally. i miss the good ole conservatives like momo vellacott who thinks natives should be frozen to death...such a good christian.

Anonymous said...

In keeping with good so-called “Christian” principles, Stephan Harper needs a few lashes with a strap or paddle for lying about income trust.

Paul Hillsdon said...

Some of these comments are so fundamentalist it's actually quite scary. Being a "leftist", I can immediately say to the Christians here that there is a large contrast between moderate religious and extremist religious. And quite frankly, most "leftists" are smart enough to understand the difference.

Again, with moderate religious, you generally carry around your traditional ten commandments type views. There is typically not a problem with such obvious moral codes.

However, when you bring fundamentalism into the question, such as Heather Stilwell does, you move from okay to extreme right.

Because you are now affecting a huge proportion of people by trying to enforce your view upon others, whether that is about abortion, gays, porn, etc. Stilwell, here in Surrey, is famous for many things including: for a long time banning books from schools concerning Wiccan religion and references to Halloween (as it's a method of devil worship), books about gays as being just as normal as an Indo-Canadian or single mother, and quite recently attempting to have every student every day recit some ridiculous sentence, "Today I will do my best. Today I will treat others as I would like to be treated."

Please inform yourselves before you make outrageous fundamentalist claims.

Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with socialism, or communism. They are simply other methods of economy and governance, that just happen to have been subject to corruption in our history.

Anonymous said...

"I don't read LifeSite for that very reason."

So... if you don't read lifesite, what's your source for the story? You must be plagiarizing somebody's work.

Ti-Guy said...

Uh, you're confused. I'm not the blog owner. BCL reads LifeSite, because he finds it hilarious. I'm less entertained and more irritated than he is by the noxious stupidity featured on that site.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with communism?! Are you SERIOUS??? No other form of government has exterminated more of it's OWN PEOPLE than Communism. No through wars with other countries, not civil war, but plain old fashioned internal purges, genocides, ethnic cleansing, etc. 20th century estimates are over 50 million communist citizens murdered by their OWN government.

And you have the gall to say there's nothing wrong with communism.

And a socialist is merely a communist without all the guns, yet.

Anonymous said...


In Canada.

On our streets.

We're not making this up.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such intolerance and hatred of a religious group. Who do I call to report a hate crime?