Wednesday, February 07, 2007

White House Abolishes Global Warming!

Run "Global Warming" through the White House internal search engine and you link to a single document that questions the existence of the phenomenon. On the other hand, a google search for GW related documents housed at brings back over 400 hits. This change seems to have occurred in the last couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, a quick look at Government of Canada Climate Change page provides insight into the thinking of the ruling Tories on this issue. Oh Wait! It's blank, and has been since July 2006! Guess they haven't stolen any ideas from here yet.

h/t to James' Empty Blog.


Anonymous said...

IPCC's cloudy forecast
Bruce Thompson
The bold assurances of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that their predictions are 90% sure should give the layman pause. "If it sounds too good to be true..." John Fialka of the Wall Street Journal uncovered an interesting admission from Tom Delworth, a climate modeler for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the government agency in charge of climate science and weather service.

"But, so far, the supercomputers the agency uses to model the effect on the earth's climate -- which were also used for the IPCC report -- aren't detailed or fast enough to predict how much clouds are accelerating the problem. Mr. Delworth said computer models divide the earth's oceans and atmosphere into four million boxes, each about 150 square miles, and that these boxes are too large to model the effects of clouds.

"We could use computers that are one million times faster than they are today and still not be satisfied," Mr. Delworth said.

Further complicating the issue are layers of haze containing pollutants from human activity. Such pollutants, including sulfates, soot, dust and nitrates, tend to make the atmosphere brighter, reflecting more of the sun's heat back into space. The IPCC has found that the net effect of the added pollution is to cool the atmosphere."

So the models the panel used to make their predictions are not anywhere near being capable of predicting the effects of clouds. Clouds are a key component of surface temperatures. Being able to handle the effects of clouds must be evident to even laymen. consider that even the most basic weather prediction takes the form of temperature and cloud cover (e.g. - sunny, partly cloudy, overcast, rainy etc.)". Considering the earth's surface is two-thirds water and warming would increase evaporation, it follows that global warming would affect cloud formation. So how does the panel arrive at a 90% certainty for their predictions?

I see group think here, reminiscent of "Nuclear Winter", the first political battle over global climate change. The NOAA "experts" asserted that an increased global cloud bank would lead to a Nuclear Winter, now increased clouds will lead to Global Warming.

The question to ask these experts is "Were you wrong then or are you wrong now?"

Anonymous said...

Jesus, you trolls and your cut 'n pastes. Do you think people actually read them? I know I never read anything for which the source is missing.

bigcitylib said...

Citoyen Dion isn't quite a anon troll, but yes it would be nice if he could just learn to summarize.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Speakin' o' 13 years o' Grits doin' so-called diddly... have a look at this bigass section o' the Gummint o' Canadee website --

The Canadian Renewable Energy Network

Most o' the stuff there was posted up in 2000-2002. The Cons seem t' know the thing exists since they updated it at least once in 2006.

It weren't Dion at the helm, I don't think, when Natural Resources Canadee made that there website but it were the so-called do-nuthin' Grits


BTW, I wanna pimp my boog a little, if that's alright. I posted me up a audio boog song 'bout crossin' the aisle an' whippin' the votes. Rawhide on the Rideau.

Anonymous said...

Citoyen Dion isn't quite a anon troll...

I think he's all your anon trolls. And that one who calls himself "Bigcitylib...dumb as a bag o' hammers." It's the...uh...cleverness...that gives him away.

George Orwell had it completely right when he correctly understood that totalitarians will attempt to control language to mislead. That very attempt is what I notice first, before anything else. That's why my bullshit detector gets overloaded so easily.