Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gangs Of College Students Hunting Illegal Immigrants In New York City!

A lady I know recently visited New York City (and Newark) to tend to a sick relative. Around the water cooler the other day she was telling me and some others about her visit.

She told us how college students down there now were being offered bounties for "catching immigrants". In fact, she had heard while visiting, that gangs had formed that were rounding up and, in some cases, beating immigrants to death. As a non-American of Spanish extraction, this had a mildly negative effect on her time in the city.

I kind of took all this with a grain of salt until I found this item via the Drudge Report last evening:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- National Democrats on Tuesday urged Republican Party chairman Mel Martinez to stop the independent College Republicans from holding "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" events around the country.


The game is a variation of hide and seek, with one player posing as an illegal immigrant and everyone else trying to find the person. The winner usually gets a prize.


The DNC noted that the game was recently played at New York University and drew several hundred students. Students at other colleges also have played the game.

So Let's hear it for the college Republicans! They've managed to create an intensely negative urban legend about barbaric racist practices in the United States because, hey!, the legend's about halfway true!

These young Republicans are such an insular, ignorant bunch. They don't realize, or don't care, that this stuff gets over their borders and can, quite literally, damage the image of the nation.


Anonymous said...

Is baiting allowed? What about bag limits? Any calibre restrictions or is it slugs/buckshot only? Is there a separate archery or black powder season? Could you get more details?

Anonymous said...

I heard about this sick "game" on Glen Beck, where he was promoting it, and a doofus behind it. It sounds like "Hitler youth" tracking escaped POWs.

Anonymous said...

"This Soylent Green is kinda spicy today."

Dan said...

Thought Experiment: What would the right-wing noise machine make of Iranian student groups playing "catch the American" in the streets of Tehran?

Anonymous said...

How about "Cops and Robbers"?