Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Conservative Party of Canada: Lots Of Class, All Of It 3rd

From CTV:

OTTAWA -- Renegade MP Garth Turner was greeted by hoots and a rude gesture from his former Tory colleagues on Wednesday when he made his question period debut as a Liberal.


Selkirk MP James Bezan pumped his forearm in a vulgar gesture in Turner's direction.

Be nice if they got this on tape.


Oxford County Liberals said...

This isn't on tape, but I think it will suffice

Ti-Guy said...

Jesus, when are they going to toilet train these hicks already?

Olaf said...


I made a comment at another place on the issue, and since I'm only half joking, I might as well reproduce it here.

I'll admit it's not classy, but really, what politicians are "classy"? I think they disqualified themselves from the term once they got their first nomination to run for office. Plus, I like my politicians with dollop of cantanker and a side of piss and vinegar. Shows they actually give a damn, and aren't just going through the motions.

Remember when Mahoney called Stinson a racist, and Darrel challenged him to a fight? That's just down right hilarious, any way you slice it. The youthful and vibrant East Asian democracies get in frequent brawls, which I think is a sign of passion and conviction.

James Bow said...

I'm sorry. Now I'm picturing Jack Layton getting into this brawl, and then Chuck Strahl steps up and bashes all three leaders' heads together.

Technically, that should be Peter Millikin's job, but Strahl used to be his deputy, and Millikin probably would consider it a favour. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, fuddle duddle!