Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Conservatives Threaten One Another With Death!

Is the CPoC a big, happy family, as they would have you think? Apparently not. Apparently, they hate MP Jeff Watson out in Essex-Windsor. In fact:

Two party members say they want to challenge Watson at a nomination meeting prior to the next election.

The protracted dispute that has brought the potential challengers forward became public when one of Watson's former campaign volunteers, Nick Kouvalis, was charged and recently acquitted of threatening to kill the MP.

Now, Liberals argue, but they tend to leave the knives at home.

Even better:

Essex is not a safe riding, and if a strong Liberal candidate runs, it could be difficult for the Conservatives to hold onto it...

Along with news of Pop Diva Bev Oda's epic perambulations in her many, many tax-payer funded Limos, this is the second Tory mini-scandal to emerge today.


Anonymous said...

"Now, Liberals argue, but they tend to leave the knives at home."

Paul Martin might not agree ShitHead.

jmnlman said...

Another glowing reason to allow anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

desperate to change the channel from the Garth show eh ??

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

The riding is certainly not a safe Tory one, although it is not as safe a Liberal one as it use to be. I do though wonder with the gun registry not dismantled and same-sex marriage off the board if that will mean a lower turnout amongst so-cons since I see this riding as more socially conservative than economically conservative.

At least it would be nice to dump one of the ex-Reform MPs, although preferably replaced by a Liberal one.

Red Tory said...

This used to be Eugene Whelan's old riding. Then his daughter Susan held it until 2002. Lots of Liberal support down there.

Anonymous said...

There are many people who will not be voting for Watson as they begin to find out that he used the criminal court system to deal with a politcal enemy.

A friend of mine who lives in Windsor tells me that Watson's dirty tricks are well known and many conservatives are not happy.

Easy pick up for the Liberals.

Watson can hide from the papers and his past supporters now but during the election he will be reminded daily of his conduct and having witnesses over to his home to talk about upcoming testimony.

What an idiot