Thursday, February 01, 2007

David Suzuki: Evian is Naive Spelled Backwards

Well, he doesn't actually say that, but his anti-bottled water rant on the CBC website is worth a read:

Not only does bottled water lead to unbelievable pollution — with old bottles lying all over the place — but plastic has chemicals in it," he said.

"Plastics are ubiquitous. I don't believe that plastics are not involved in a great deal of the health problems that we face today."

To pay more for water than we do for gasoline when the stuff is free with a quick turn of the tap has always seemed a bit silly to me. To burn gasoline or jet-fuel to have bottles of the stuff shipped in from places like France has always seemed the height of Yuppie decadence, especially since they're just filling them up from the tap over there anyway.

If you like the convenience, buy one of those plastic bottles athletes use and fill them from nearby water fountains.


Rosie said...

I've heard that plastics contain estrogen-like compounds. Don't know if its true, but that could explain an increase in breast cancer incidence.

Saskboy said...

I detest buying water, and places that sell food and don't have tap water available bug me. Maybe not as much as Suzuki is bugged, but close. And he's right, Canadians don't demand good water, they demand chemicals be put into their water to make it "good". My hometown's govt' is up on charges of providing unsafe drinking water, when it's the best water in the region, except for the water a few kilometers away which they BOTTLE AND SELL. Also the village doesn't even pay the electricity bill to the "violating pumphouses", go figure eh? Hard to distribute water without electrons.

Anonymous said...

I've been to many places where you can't drink the tapwater because you'll get dysentary, so I think it's an insult to the people who worked really hard to provide us with safe and healthy drinking water.

I especially hatehateHATE that Brita ad that suggests that drinking water=toilet water. Peanuts to bottled water!!