Saturday, February 03, 2007

McGuinty In Trouble?

An Angus Reid Internet Poll shows the Tories marginally ahead in Ontario, with the most likely outcome of October's election being a minority government:

The poll, conducted last month by Angus Reid Strategies, shows the provincial Conservatives with 34 per cent support, the Liberals with 33 per cent and the New Democrats with 19 per cent support – among decided voters.

In addition, the Greens are at 11 per cent, their best showing ever.

Frankly, it would serve McGuinty's bunch right if they lost this one. While his government has had its accomplishments (Ontario Green Belt legislation, four years of peace with the teachers and public sector unions), it has been more noted for its broken promises and sheer inertia. Furthermore, one thing McGuinty's bunch does not seem to have learned is that you break all your promises and generally do the unpleasant stuff early. Heading into 2007, we see it offering pay raises to MPPs while telling minimum wages earners to get stuffed, and allowing smoking rooms in government run casinos while telling private bar owners to send their customers out into the snow.

Hell, last I heard, McGuinty may not even have a balanced budget to show Ontarians this year.

Furthermore, I am disturbed by the Liberals apparent strategy, which at the moment seems primarily negative:

Accordingly, the Liberals plan to "define" Tory themselves, and in the details of the Angus Reid poll it is easy to see what picture they will paint.

The poll shows that 46 per cent of respondents agreed (and 34 per cent disagreed) with this statement: "If John Tory's PCs were elected into government, they would govern in the same way as Mike Harris' PC government."

In practice, "defining" John Tory means releasing the mud monster and letting him hurl slime for the next six months. If so, a replay of the DiNovo by-election, writ large, is not out of the question.

My internal political barometer right now is pointing to "hold your nose and vote Liberal", with a few quiverings towards "Fuck 'em, let's try Hampton". If McGuinty has nothing more to offer than the sight of Kinsella out there smearing the opposition, that might change.


April Reign (aka Debra) said...

"If John Tory's PCs were elected into government, they would govern in the same way as Mike Harris' PC government."

I would put myself with that 46% for the most part.

It's hard to come up with anything positive, anything that says 'take that Mike Harris'. McGuinty basically just built on the bullshit.

Delisting of services like hearing and eye exams, while simultaneously refusing an substantive increase in welfare rates. Refusing to even consider a hike to a decent wage while crying about how MPPs need bigger salaries and then instituting that increase. The Health Premium.LHINs

Mike Harris in a Liberal tie.

and yet... I cannot stomach the thought of another lot of sick tory bastards in control.

Which is the one positive of McGuinty thus far he hasn't pandered to so-cons.

Anonymous said...

I dont get the "hold your nose and vote liberal" thing.

I mean, there are other parties you can vote for if you dont like the liberals and conservatives.

Vote NDP
Vote Green

But why vote for a party that you have to hold your nose in order to do it??

bigcitylib said...


Because for me it is usually about keeping the PCs out, and my choice is often based on whether a vote for NDP/Green might allow them to sneak in, or whether I can chance it.

There is also the consideration that, in my riding, the NDP hasn't one in a zillion years, so the choices are effectively Lib vs. Tory.

Darren McEwen said...

The Star provided no margin of error and no date for this poll.

Providing a margin of error for phone, mail, internet, etc. polls is practically mandatory for journalists.

A little sketchy, I'd say.

Steve V said...

I think McGuinty took a big hit on the pay raise.

JimBobby said...

Ginty's a promise-breakin' numbnuts, no two ways. BigCity, I done like you in a couple electionvotes an' voted fer the Grits jest t' try an' keep the ConMen out. They got in anyways an' alls that happened was I felt like I voted against my own conscience. I din't feel like a good Canajun when I voted "against" instead o' "for".

I ain't votin' strategic no more. The Cons an' the Grits is jest two sides o' the same worn out coin.

Votin' Green might not elect a GPC MPP or MP but it sure as hell sends a message t' the gummint that Canajun voters care 'bout ol' Mother Earth. If they wanna win my vote, they need t' do what the Green voters is askin' fer. And I reckon with the GPC pollin' at 11%, they're gonna want my vote.

When I voted Lib an' the Cons won (federally), my vote didn't really count. When I voted Green an' the Cons won, the Cons reversed their head-in-the-sand denial o' climate change.

Ginty's pushin' fer switchin' Nanticoke t' nuke power. Nanticoke's in my backyard. I'll be out on the barricades along with plenty o' my naybers tryin' t' stop Ontariariario from crammin' tritium down my throat.