Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Garth Goes Lib!

From CTV:

Maverick MP Garth Turner, who was booted from Conservative party ranks last fall, is expected to join the Liberal caucus, CTV News has learned.

Good call Michelle.

Two things.

1) I still wish he'd gone Green. This would have got Elizabeth May to the debates.

2) How does this effect the numbers? Can Harper pass legislation with just the NDP? If not, this means that the Libs suddenly have far more clout than even yesterday. On the downside, if Harper presents a crap Clean Air Act, it will be up to the Libs to let it pass or fail. If they let it pass because they are afraid of an election, Dion's credibility will take a BIG hit.


Anonymous said...

just what Citoyen Dion needs . . . a counterbalance prima dona to keep Igyy "we didn't get it done" inline.

Anonymous said...

I think Elizabeth May will succeed in getting a seat.

What I find great is that Dion and May act like "adult" politicians with respect for each other - just different views. This is the way it should be.

Turner also respects Elizabeth May and obviously Dion - maybe a change in attitude is coming because the way it is now I'm ashamed of our politicians in the House. I can only imagine what vistors must think of the conservatives during question period - they need adult supervision badly.

Anonymous said...

If not Elizabeth herself, one of the members of theGreen Party will - it's going to happen. If so, then as party leader she will qualify for the debates.

Red Tory said...

I have to agree with you about wishing he had gone to the Greens. Not that I mind him being in the Lib caucus mind you...

Anonymous said...

Barf Turner for Walhid Kahn, the Cons come out on top I'd say.

Anonymous said...

over to you Citoyen Dion . . .

"I am a democrat who believes everyone in the House of Commons, including the cabinet members who make up the government, should be elected. They should sit in Parliament as they were elected. If they decide to change parties, they should go and get re-elected."


Anonymous said...

We'll see if he get's re-elected as a Liberal once he resigns his seat, you know, so that he can honourably change parties, as he had demanded of others. Conservatives won't vote for him, and everybody else has now seen how he behaves. Bye bye, Garth.

Anonymous said...

Phhhhttttt! lol anonymous. We'll just see who gets elected in, shall we? There's gonna be some elections in Vancouver-Kingsway, Halton, Streetsville and wherever they set Fortier to roost.
We'll see then.

and p.s. to that anonymous who calls Dion "citoyen" suck it up eh! Is that all you got? Marginally better than the bozo who keeps posting calling Dion "Celine", like a bozo who doesn't realize that such denigrates women (think about it, if you have to) and really carries no weight in a generally Canadian audience.
Now, what I want to know is: is Emerson going to run again? Where is Fortier to be parachuted? Is Khan going to leave home to get elected?
And yes, Elizabeth May will get a seat. You know why? She deserves it, and there are people who think so. Emerson, not so much. Fortier, not likely in Quebec. Khan... perhaps he should stay travelling and report back when he has something.

Neo Conservative said...

Not sure Garth thought this all the way through... think of all the attention he could have focused on himself if he had just defected to Hamas.