Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tories Put The Sex Back in Essex

As I wrote here, a series of alleged death threats, trials, and nomination battles have roiled the Windsor-Essex Conservative riding association. But I could not have imagined the depths of depravity to which this intra-mural squabble seems to have sunk. Luckily, Richard Warnica of The Tyee is ready to wallow in the filth so we don't have to.

In brief, the case involved death threats apparently uttered in 2005 by Tory operative Nick Kouvalis against Tory MP Jeff Watson . The alleged threats were made before two witnesses, a pair of buxom young female volunteers for the Watson campaign.

However, the credibility of one witness was called into question when it became clear that she bore a grudge towards Mr. Kouvalis. She had recently ended an affair with Conservative caucus chair Rahim Jaffer, and Mr. Kouvalis had warned her to stay away from Peter MacKay. Furthermore, nude pictures of both witnesses turned up in emails to the local press, and this tended (in the judge's eyes at least) to further detract from the persuasiveness of their testimony.

This raises all sorts of questions, like: how many women can Peter MacKay chase at one time? Secondly, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought only Liberals were allowed to have sex. NDPers study the issues; Tories get drunk, ride out on horses, and shoot the heads off chickens.

Or are these guys what they used to call progressive Conservatives? If so, I don't know if I'd ever vote that way, but Jeff Watson might be in line for a suit-case full of adscam money from my personal stash.


Anonymous said...


Didn't know meeting Kyoto would be so easy.

JimBobby said...

TOYOTA TO CREAT 2000 CANADIAN JOBS in Woodstock, another 320 in Simcoe, ON.

The Big 3 are all in trouble, all across North Merka. We ain't enforced any Kyoto targets an' neither have the Merkans so I gotta wonder how the anony feller can put the blame on it.

Canajuns an' Merkans both react quicker t' things like the price o' gas than the automakers. Sales of SUV's an' gas guzzlers softened quick an' the Big 3'll take years t' catch up.

It don't help much when Ontariariario an' Ottywa put billions inta proppin' up the backward-thinkin' auto industry. The bottom's bound t' fallout.

Thousands o' green collar jobs are bein' created but there's a few here an' a few there that's addin' up. It don't make news like 2000 jobs at one outfit.

Ol' Mother Earth's in trouble an' more'n'more folks is tryin' t' put us on the road t' survival. Lead, follow or get outta the way.


JimBobby said...

Dang11 I jest realized what a dope I am. I commented on the anonynumbnuts comment but not on yer sexy Essex boog story. Sorry 'bout that.

I'm interested in them nude pitchers o' the buxom gals. You know where they are, BCL?


bigcitylib said...

If they were on the web, anywhere, JimBobby, I would have posted them.

Heard from CC about Friday?

JimBobby said...

I'm plannin' on comin' t' the centre o' the universe on Friday. I ain't heard from CC but been hearin' from Zorf.

Jamie Callingham said...

yeah how buxom are we talking? like Conservative corn fed christian girls?

Anonymous said...

CALGARY - Whether you call it the Alberta invasion or just-in-time employment, thousands of workers across southern Ontario are squarely in the crosshairs of Alberta recruiters.

Over the next few months, groups of private firms, corporations and public-sector organizations will be in southern Ontario and Quebec, targeting manufacturing sectors where thousands of workers have been laid off in recent months, such as the automotive industry. -Canwest

There's a chance for you to get off welfare Jimmybob.

Anonymous said...

This thread is worthless without PICTURES!!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I ain't offered up too many JimBobby-flavoured knuckle samwitches, lately. I'm about to.

A nonny mouse sed -
"There's a chance for you to get off welfare Jimmybob."

Lissen here, you dumb sumbitch, I ain't never taken a nickel welfare or unemployment, neither. My wifemate, neither. I'm 57 years old an' I been self-employed in my own bizness since 1976. I've created jobs an' written plenty o' paycheques an' paid plenty o' taxes.

Yer hankerin' fer a taste o' knuckle, sez I.

Pissed off,