Monday, February 26, 2007

Ontario In The Bag For McGuinty?

Maybe, according to Ipsos Reid:

The Ipsos-Reid poll, done for Canwest News Service and Global TV, shows 38 per cent of decided voters support Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals, putting them five points ahead of John's Tory's Conservatives.

Howard Hampton and the New Democrats attracted the backing of 17 per cent while nine per cent said they would vote for the Green party.

The political lesson? Bland still works in Ontario and you can break as many promises as you like as long as you say your sorry.
The Ontario Conservatives biggest problem? Their leader. Seriously, I have lived in Ontario for 20 years, and run a blog devoted to Canadian/Provincial politics, and I couldn't pick the man out of a police line-up.
John Tory, Undated Photo


Anonymous said...

I guess you get what you deserve . . .

Anonymous said...

Ontario and Dulton are a perfect fit, a match made in heaven.

You guys enjoy each other

alfred said...

Hate to interrupt your celebration of an election that wont happen for eight months, but your frick'n house is on fire!

Dion backer, riding president and prominent Liberal blogger, Jason Cherniak, is calling for an Iggy question ban. "We need to remember that every time Ignatieff deals with Harper, the Prime Minister is pulling Ignatieff up to a higher level. That is great for Ignatieff, but right now Dion is the one who needs to defend his image from attack. While the dream team is extremely important, we still need to convince people that Dion is the leader."

Let there be no doubt, the civil war is on!

Anonymous said...

You mean Dexter is the leader? Since when is a sociology professor qualified to do ANYTHING in the real world?!

They're almost as useless as an English major.

bigcitylib said...

I've read Jason's comments, Alfred. You is talking crazy talk.

alfred said...

Cherniak is well connected and ambitious. It's highly unlikely he would put something out like this with out a tacit go ahead from Dion's PMO.

Some mumblings starting up over at Cerberus.

bigcitylib said...

I read Ted every day as well, and you is still talking crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

Whatever his intent - Cherniak is really naive - he thinks he's an expert but really - why is he indicating to the world problems of Liberals.

Not a smart move and he does this quite often.

He's more of a hinderance to the party than help.

About McGuinty - at least he apologized for breaking promises. Hard to keep 'em when Harper backstabs him (I think Harper wants Tory in because Tory can be lead by the nose). Plus, it really helps when monies "promised by Harper" arrives.

Let me guess - Harper's saving it for election time. Therefore, money owed Ontario has been sitting for nearly a year and a half.

Darren McEwen said...

Riiiight... and Jason Cherniak runs the party.

If he's so well connected, why did he speak out against Dion's leadership bid in the early days?