Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Harper Links Lib MP To Terrorism

The harsh, mean-spirited Stephen Harper is BACK! Today in Question Period he tried to suggest that the Liberal position re controversial Anti-Terror Act provisions is being determined by the fact that the father-in-law of Ontario MP Navdeep Bains was once, 25 years ago, an adviser to a Sikh militant. From CTV:

The RCMP would interview [Bains father-in-law, Darshan Singh] Saini through investigative hearings made possible by the Anti-Terror Act.

On March 1, that provision of the act will die. The Liberals are opposed to a three-year extension of that provision, along with one that allows for preventative detention for 72 hours.

So the implied charge is that the Libs are against these two provisions because they are secretly harboring Sikh extremists/terrorists in their ranks. Not mentioned is the fact that Saini has agreed to testify irregardless of whether or not the provisions are in place:

Saini, former Ontario spokesman for the terrorist Babbar Khalsa Panthak, said in an interview that if he is called to the investigative hearing, he will testify.

When the shock of seeing your Prime Minister behave like a garbologist for some sleazy right-wing candidate for dog-catcher wears off, consider how utterly stupid this behavior is, and how quickly it is likely to backfire. For Machiavelli wrote that the Prince should never be the one to wield the knife; the dirty business was to be left to the underlings. Our Prime Minister, on the other hand, likes being covered in slime.

Watch them poll numbers start fallin'. So close to that Majority, and yet so far.


Ti-Guy said...

The current PM of Canada: Arse-licker of Satan.

Anonymous said...

HArper is dirty. He looks for the belt and ppunches below it.

After the smear he did to Goodale is it any wonder that he smears others.

ottlib said...

There seems to be no boundaries to the partisanship of Stephen Harper. It is almost pathological.

It will be interesting to see how Canadians respond to his take-no-prisoners style of politics over the next weeks.

burlivespipe said...

In the end, Harpor will get his comuppance, but big. However, we may have to suffer through a few tough times as we get our feet firmly on the ground and learn how to fight dirty. It's not our nature but then we're not photocopying the 'marquis de shame' rule book from the republican death chamber...
Live by the sword, die by the sword I say. It won't be pretty when the Cons start to realize exactly what he's doing, not only to the political system, but to their own souls.

Scotian said...

This s yet another example of the Harper "total war" approach to politics, just like his ideological brethren in the GOP/movement conservativism. This was just plain ugly, disgusting, and not just showing contempt to the Libs but the Parliament itself and by extension the Canadian people. Yet when those of us that have been sounding the alarm regarding Mr. Harper and his willingness to use such foul and despicable methods to achieve his ends make this point most times we are scoffed at, even after a while when we have such clear evidence like this cropping up.

Harper is advocating a political style that if he succeeds with will have to be duplicated to some extent by the other parties to compete, and if people think our politics is toxic now this is barely even acidic by comparison to what that political dynamic will look like! This is why I say I am opposed to something very specific and not only want it defeated but discredited, because I believe this form of politics is literally lethal to this country maintaining a sense of national identity. It is not like we have the strongest one of those to begin with after all. I brand it as GOP inspired/derived simply because it is, I watched for the past three decades as these tactics and strategies were tested, tried, and eventually "perfected" into things like SBVfT. What Harper is playing with will take us down that same road and I do not believe our cultural makeup will be able to survive in that and will fracture. We are as a people polite, well mannered and tolerant of others within reasonable boundaries commonly shared. This is why it is so important to oppose it, and why I do in such sharp and serious terms, it is what I see and believe and to do any less would be to dishonour myself and my family’s honour and pride in their roles in building/defending this nation.

Anonymous said...

Such bitter, blind, ideologically empty-headed hatred.

Here, I mean.

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