Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ah! BC Politics

Which of the two major parties will self-immolate first: the Libs, or the NDP? But remember, it isn't getting even slightly weird out there until the Premier accepts a paper bag full of money from a tiny little Chinese Realtor. Man, I remember the old days--the "Zalmoids", and all that--wondering whether this shit was real or whether I was getting flashbacks from all the mushrooms I'd eaten. I imagine folks out there today are getting the same feeling.

PS. I wrote the header before I read through the 2nd link. That the phrasing there is identical to my own is a sign that all we left-coasters are attuned to the same cosmic vibe.


ridenrain said...

The Liberals are very unpopular right now but no one trusts the NDP either. Campbell was the main focus of the opposition and even if he walked, much of that unpopularity would fall on the next guy. Now we suddenly have a new leadership candidate who is hated and fired by Campbell. What better way to cut the ties to the old boss and keep the party alive.
I bet we see Bennett run and win the Liberal leadership race.

A Eliz. said...

Are there any real Liberals out there in BC, because Campbell was not one.

Niles said...

The BC Liberals were dead in the water, which is why the Socreds, amid the raining debris of their party immolation, ran for the corpse and animated it, like rats within.

I might be a little biased. I have always found it morbidly fascinating that calling a political camel a horse convinces some people they heard it whinny.

Gene Rayburn said...

Kootenay Bill? No thanks Ridenrain and Im a kootenadian.

ridenrain said...

Then who?
The best candidate I heard was Dianne Watts. I'd sure she'd do a good job but I'm glad she's not running.

Gene Rayburn said...

yeah someone who uses "beer for votes" That's what BC really needs eh Ridenrain. Maybe some racist campaign signs too.

Im not sure exactly what you use to determine best for the job. Bennett is just as self serving as any other politician.

Its funny to hear someone calling someone else abusive after they had to resign their cabinet post for being verbally abusive. Hmm a bit of pot and kettle from this perspective.

Gene Rayburn said...
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Gene Rayburn said...

Yeah ridenrain just the guy to lead BC

Free Beer for votes

Questionable diplomacy and statemen behaviour

Abusing constituents

More Abusing Constituents

Nice choice. Maybe you want an ultraright bozo to take over but I think BC needs a change from this dead end ideology.

But go on... It's not like anyone here takes your view seriously.