Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talk Jocks Against Fantino

...or at least CFRB’s Jim Richards.

Hmm. By far the most interesting of the by-elections, and an interesting experiment in how much influence the Tory base can have actually moving voters against a candidate that is politically "impure". In other words, Julian Fantino might become the Canadian tea-party's first victim.

Or he might just sail on through unscathed, forcing political nerds to once again contemplate their abject powerlessness.

PS. I keep hearing this claim that Fantino spent a good part of his career making Ontario day-care centers safe from Satanism. What is that about, exactly?


Anonymous said...

I clicked on your link and scrolled up to see what the forum was -
ah-haaah... The Blogging Toilets. Who else thinks about Beelzebub infiltrating the daycare centre?

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Luci who?
Call PMSH and Dimitri right away.

Jason Cherniak said...

I think you start from an odd presumption that he should win. The Liberals have held Vaughan since 1988. Last time Bevilaqua was right around 50% during the worst Liberal election campaign since 1984. Shouldn't we expect the Liberals to win, although perhaps by less than in 2008?

wilson said...

In the widely publicized
'Conservatives Against Fantino', first protest on Sunday drew 12 (a dozen) participants, 3 of which were the organizers,
the Toronto Star reports.

Early indications are Fantino will be a real change for the Libs.

Terence said...

Wilson, your bias is showing. The Liberal candidate is well know and has a very good machine working for him plus the new mayor will be lending support and he won in a landslide.

Niles said...

Just freewheel association, I know he was uhm...aggressive regarding alleged organized paedophilia in his book, whatever interpretation is being made of it...


Since 'day care satanism' is virulent McCarthyite child abuse accusations that have locked up a lot of innocent people in a classic show of making shit up and getting kids to repeat it, I'm wondering if there's a conflation there.

Gayle said...

Interesting wilson. Do you have a link to that quote? I ask, because when I plugged Fantino into the Toronto Star's search engine, this is what came back:


I was also wondering how you define "widely publicized". I know you are in Alberta so I am not sure where you would have seen this advertised.

Can you help me out?

CanadianSense said...

I agree with Jason Cherniak, it appears many Liberals have become accustomed to defeat they have conceded this long held Liberal riding.
Maurizio won easily as Mayor and the Lib blogs are consumed with losing the riding to the Conservative Party.

The more pressing concern as noted by the Italian Newspaper was only second class characters were available to run for this riding.
Where are the high profile Liberals in this riding? Why is the Liberal Party having a difficult time in securing high profile names as candidates?
Maurizio left the riding with only 13k and I have not seen his endorsement for Tony or the Liberal Party.
Maurizio did join a group of MP's and the PM to Italy for the G20 last summer.
Was he thrown under the bus by Ignatieff team after his recommendation for immigration reform were objected by back bench liberals and than passed with the help of the NDP and Bloc?

I can't find any evidence Maurizio has endorsed the Liberal candidate including a photo of attending any Liberal function on behalf of Tony in this very short campaign.

Gayle said...

ha ha ha

Of course you do. It is important for conservatives to try to get everyone to believe this is a riding the liberals should win easily so they can blame Ignatieff, and not credit their star candidate with huge name recognition, if they take the riding from the LPC.

That was a real nice try though.

CanadianSense said...

Gayle the resident non liberal apologist on Vaughan voters?

Jason Cherniak is correct. Feel free to check Elections Canada or Pundits guide. The Liberals should win this easily.

It appears after the Rob Ford victory some Liberals are overly sensitive.

Cheer up the Liberals may win the NDP seat in Winnipeg too!

Gayle said...


If the LPC win the seat it will be seen as a loss for the CPC and their star candidate.

CanadianSense said...

Gayle this is a long held Liberal riding that won with a substantial margin last time. Don't panic.

Incumbents normally are punished. Ask Obama or Liberal Shawn Graham.

It appears the TStar is repeating the Rob Ford bashing meme. On Blogging Tories we are comfortable in being critical on his selection.

Buck up Gayle: it is up to the voters in Vaughan to show up. Have some faith in those Liberal voters.

Gayle said...


Thanks for proving my point. You're going into over drive. It's kinda fun to watch.