Sunday, November 07, 2010

Toronto Star's Layton And Chow Story Truly Seinfeldian that its about nothing. Probably the silliest part of it is how hard author Richard J. Brennan tries to crank this into a scandal. Oh my! The NDP party leader spends more than your typical MP on travel! And...a $2,000 per month Ottawa condo-apartment? The horrors! They should be staying at the Y!!!

PS. $2,000 per month gets you a below average 2-bedroom in the old City of T.O. (See the Central districts)


ridenrain said...

It’s news considering the NDP are pushing for an investigation of “rentgate”. With Liberal MPs Judy Sgro having to repay more than $60,000 and Liberal MP John Canni more than $80,000, I’d say some investigations and charges are in order.

Gene Rayburn said...

plus it's only news if Ridofbrain thinks it's so.

Back to the wafer file Ridofbrain.

RuralSandi said...

Keep in mind, Layton/Chow between them earn well over $300,000 per year as MP and leader of the NDP.

$2,000 cheap for them.

But then Layton is cheap, likes his affordable housing and lives in a semi-detached (junky as hell) in Toronto