Sunday, November 28, 2010

By Day They Deny, Part II

The Dominion has an interesting story on what is becoming a common tactic:

The “greening of hate” is a phrase coined by Betsy Hartmann, director of the US-based Population and Development Program. In her 2010 essay, "The Greening of Hate: An Environmentalist's Essay," she writes about the anti-immigration lobby's growing tendency toward “the scapegoating of immigrants for environmental degradation.”

The first time I read about this kind of thing, the group referenced was Californians for Population Stabilization. By digging around, I was able to find that one of the members of their advisory Board was the well-known Conservative pundit and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution Victor David Hanson. So while by day Mr. Hanson was trashing the science of AGW, by night he was using that same science to argue for a more restrictive immigration policy--damn those Mexicans and their outsized carbon foot-prints!

So I thought I would do the same thing with the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform, a Canadian group mentioned in the Dominion article. And low and behold , NP columnist Barbara Kay and occasional Sun writer Salim Manusr are on their advisory board. Given the tendency of Kay and Mansur to trot out denialist talking points, it is the height of hypocrisy that these two should turn around and suggest that we keep out immigrants because they "inhibit efforts to reduce the extraordinary size of our ecological footprint."

Why would anyone possibly imagine, given their previous writings on the topic, that these two gave a shit?

That is all.


double nickel said...

Nice catch, BCL.

Dennis Hollingsworth said...

Many thanks for your thoroughness BCL ... while I appreciate these folks have to earn a living, these illustrations of poor judgement seriously reflect on their day job credibility !!!

Gerrard787 said...

The Dominion? Dipper websites never help much to advance an argument. It reads like it's written by leftover Marxists.

I like this part from further on in the article:

This has led many people to argue that climate debt—the concept that historically polluting nations bear a financial responsibility to those nations with the least culpability for climate change—needs to extend beyond simple financial reparations to include political and social obligations.

Yeah baby! Show me the money!

chris said...

Never heard of Mansur so I read the link (ye gods!) and looked him up on wikipedia.
He'd make a good posterchild for cognitive dissonance.
(Don't tell his friends he's a Muslim.)

Gene Rayburn said...

"The Dominion? Dipper websites never help much to advance an argument. It reads like it's written by leftover Marxists."

Which is funny Paul Stupid because all the blogging tories seem to do is regress the argument. Or of course change the topic and load it with conjecture and opinion without an iota of proof.

And it reads like it was written by 40 chimps on 40 typewriters hoping that one day they will produce something shakespearian.

40 chimps, 40 typewriters = Blogging Tories