Monday, November 01, 2010

Brian Lilley Admits He Was Had

A blow-by-blow in which Lilley outline's how he played softball with the government all last week and now feels personally fucked over. Ends with a transcript of the puff-ball he threw Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon on Thursday, and the Minister's non-response. You can almost imagine Cannon thinking: "Thank you Mr. Lilley, you are a pleasure to work with."

An epic of self-abasement! Bravo Mr. Lilley!!

PS. I bet Norm Spector's feeling like a sap this morning!


Tof KW said...

At this point I'm wondering how the Reformatards are going to blame the Harper government's airing of "Welcome Back Khadr" on Iggy &/or the evil coalition.

You know they will ...just trying to figure out tomorrow's PMO statement today.

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