Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Poppies, Red And White

Scott writes:

I wish the makers of the poppies would do what is apparently done in Britain. They do not have a single needle in the back of the poppy that you try to stick into your shirt/coat etc as best as you can and hope it stays there (and it often doesn’t). They have apparently put a safety pin in the back of their poppies, which makes for a lot less (if at all) loss of those flowers.

I implore the Royal Canadian Legion or whoever it is who makes those poppies here to do the same. It can’t cost that much extra to put in a safety pin.

And if it does cost a little more, I'd be happy to pay. Unless the point is to bond with the soldiers by inadvertantly inflicting a chest wound upon yourself.


A Eliz. said...

The back ladies use to keep their earrings works.

Dana said...

It couldn't take much effort to put your own safety pin on your poppy either.

Does everything you eat come out of a package because all that peeling and washing and chopping is just so inconveeeenient and dangerous?

Fuckin people, man.

Gene Rayburn said...

Coming up next on Fuckin Crafts with Dana...