Saturday, November 27, 2010

Canadian Tea-Baggers Go For Own Jugular

Former OLA (Ontario Land-Owners Association) President Jack MacLaren has been threatening to go after Norm Sterling, Tory MPP for Carleton-Mississippi Mills, since February. It looks like he is finally making his move, signing up OLAers as PCPO Members in an attempt to take over the local riding association:

MacLaren said he has signed up 700 members to the party, which if true would virtually ensure he wins the nomination for next fall’s provincial election. Sterling is privy to the numbers and said MacLaren has about 350. Sterling won’t say how many he has signed.

And, yeah, MacLaren does indeed specifically compare himself to the U.S. Tea-Party movement.

Bad news for PCPO leader Tim Hudak; he can either snuff out the dissidents and leave himself open to the charge of ignoring the grassroots (a very popular accusation these days), or he can saddle himself with a candidate that wants to pull the PCPO even further right and whose greatest hope for his leader is that he is indeed harboring a secret agenda:

...MacLaren also called PC leader Tim Hudak a “good leader” who is keeping his cards close to his chest. He looks forward to Hudak defending conservative principles as the race grows near.

Also bad news for PCPO MPP Randy Hillier, who MaClaren views as his spiritual leader. Should Hudak move to squash the insurgents, whose side will Hillier be on? Hudak's...the leader of a party that still has some claim to the mainstream? Or MacLaren's, a prominent figure in the rural death cult Hillier founded so many years ago? Its decision time for Ontario`s best known rural separatist.


Terrence said...

I've met Jack, and in my opinion he's a good guy.

At the same time, I see the dangerous position Hudak is in.

Tof KW said...

I am still a Progressive Conservative provincially ...and yes Hillier and his gang are destroying the party.