Sunday, November 21, 2010

In Which My Fame Achieves More Famousness

WK refers to this blog as "much read" in his Sun column today. Hopefully, it will impress my mom, although I'm sure she'll just bring up that "But is it making you any money?" line she's so fond of. Yeah, she likes that one. And the "But those other bloggers are so much younger than you are, dear!" remark that she whips out whenever she sees me on tv.

In any case, here's the post WK's talking about.


Northern PoV said...

I often read and like your blog along with some others on the liberals-online spot.
I don't like what Iggy and Rae have done on Afghanistan - for a whole host of reasons from ethical to practical and on to political.
That said, WK is hard pressed for substance if he is using these blogs as his main proof for anything. ;-)

Gayle said...

Here's the thing. Those liberals who are upset with the decision represent those liberals who are upset with the decision. Kinsella is playing this like the entire party disagrees with Ignatieff, and that simply is not true.

Personally, I can understand how someone might be opposed to military action at one point, and support a different military action at a different point. I can see how someone might have been against going to Afghanistan in the first place, but who also believes that now that we are there we should not cut and run.

Frankly Kinsella is grasping at straws, as he has been ever since Donolo tossed him out of the war room. I am long past believing he cares at all about the liberal party. He comes across as bitter.

No disrespect BCL. I love your blog. I just do not think Kinsella is citing it for any reason other than his quest to do as much damage to Ignatieff as he can.

bigcitylib said...


I would betcha that if something like this came to a vote in the HOC then the split would be similar to last time (2006?). Most of the party against, Iggy and a small core for. Probably enough to pass, but who knows? The small group has given up on trying to convince the larger one. That's my issue with the decision.

Gayle said...

I agree this should have been discussed in caucus before taking a position. At the same time, the caucus knows a leader gets to make the decision, and THIS caucus overwhelmingly wanted Dion out and Ignatieff in. They made their bed.

I don't feel bad for Ignatieff since he fostered this kind of private dissent when Dion was the leader. That said, I think a decision on whether or not we stay should be made on principle and not one what is politically expedient. I believe that Rae and Ignatieff came to this decision on principle and I assume they decided to do it this way so as to prevent over-politicizing the argument, which should be "should Canada stay or go", not "how can we reap political rewards".

I am not saying I agree, but again, we elect people in part because we cannot inform ourselves on every thing. We have to trust the people we elect are going to get the necessary information in order to make informed decisions. I trust Rae and Ignatieff did that here. I just wish they had discussed it in caucus first.

My opinion on Kinsella remains unchanged. ;)

bigcitylib said...


The other thing is I suspect that the same gang that supported this decision would have let the long-gun registry die. So perhaps this payback for Iggy's defending the LGR.

As for WK, well there have been a few occasions where he's come across as vindictive. But he's still pushing the NDP/Lib merger thing even though its dead. So presumably he really believes it and isn't just out to hassle Iggy. And, generally speaking, he's more right then wrong.

Furthermore, I am probably not representative of the party grass roots (not a member, though I occasionay donate), but if a whack of bloggers are annoyed (and they are) then this almost certainly translates into a fairly significant portion of MPs feeling the same way.

Jason Cherniak said...

Be careful. This doesn't necessarily mean he likes you and won't attack visciously in the future.

Unknown said...

Be careful. This doesn't necessarily mean he likes you and won't attack visciously in the future.

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

Gayle said...

Whatever his motives, right now Kinsella looks petty. He may have some very valid criticism of the liberals, but that column is not exactly convincing (though it IS in the Sun so no doubt all their readers are thrilled). In any event, I am sure Kinsella could not care less what I think of him so I will leave it at that.

As for the MP's, they did have a lot of time to talk to their leader about this position since Rae came out with it in the summer. As upset as they may be, that is what happens in political parties. The liberals are a party of the centre and as such there will always be dissent and differing opinions in caucus. The way those MP's have dealt with this one makes them all look bad. I cannot imagine how a public debate, with the two sides sparring, would make them look any better. Dissent has not exactly been a big seller for the LPC.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

I'm sorry Gayle, but to my eye, what's happened here is shameful. I can also tell you that there are a LOT of traditional liberals in my riding who are as pissed as all get out... not because of the extension, but because of the bypassing of parliament. Parliament isn't just about them convincing each other, it's also about them convincing us, the citizens.

This is just pathetic. I won't be voting Liberal again for a while; between rolling over on the justice bill (mandatory minimum sentencing? wtf? look how well that's worked out for the US), their clearly apparent upcoming rollover on the copyright bill (I'm a musician and a programmer, I understand the issues very well and I think it's deeply misguided), and now this, as well as the insane proto-fascist "who, me?" that leads the Ontario Liberals along with their deeply misguided energy policies (using electricity rates for votes whilst flushing Ontario's finances down the john)... it's going to be a while before I vote Liberal again. A long while... and that doesn't translate into support for the CPC, far from it.

Omar said...

What Octopunch said. Also, speaking of pathetic, lets not forget the Grits going totally AWOL on the breach of citizens rights during Toronto's G20 mass arrest fiasco. Nary a peep from Ignatieff et al on that outrage other than to complain about cost overruns. No, I've had enough of Canada's supposed "big tent" party. The next election will see me vote NDP, Green or not at all.