Friday, November 12, 2010

Somebody Finally Does Something Useful On The Internet

I don't know much about Dave Eaves, other than he pops up in a lot in the debate over IP rights and on-line privacy and such like. Clever fellow, obviously, but this thing--Emitter--should be given some kind of prize. Dave describes Emitter as: application that allowed people and communities to more clearly see who is polluting, and how much, in their communities...

Specifically, you type in your city and Emitter comes back with a map with the polluters represented graphically. For every polluting facility, there is a link to substance info from Env. Canada--for example.

Oh my! I can see any number of uses for such an app. When your driving around in your car looking to buy a new house, for example (once it goes mobile). The only sad part is I'm pretty sure the States beat us to this idea by a good decade, as I recall seeing a U.S. website back in the mid-1990s that offered comparable info from the EPA. Better late than never, though.

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