Friday, November 05, 2010

Brad Trost: No Infrastructure Project Deadline Extension

Last August, Tory MP Brad Trost took flack for pooh poohing the idea of deadline extensions for Sask. infrastructure projects: as you may recall, Sask. had an extremely wet summer, and the delays that resulted were thought to imperil the completion of these projects before the government's March 31, 2011 deadline. There was some thought that the feds might bend on this deadline but, no, Brad's back, and he seems to think they will be holding firm. I would love, however, to know what his definition of "almost all" is in "almost all the projects are coming in on time". And, if that's true in Saskatchewan, why has it taken three summers to repave the mile or so of street in front of my building, absent flooding or any kind of inclement weather?

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