Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Machetegate: The Final Chapter?

Found this in a G&M story this morning re Anti-Semitism on Canadian campuses:

Just a few months ago, for example, two Carleton University students reported being attacked by fellow students wielding a machete at an off-campus bar; the attackers berated them as “Jews” and “Zionists.”

I've written about this story on numerous occasions. If you recall, back in April several Carlton students, one Jewish and the other a proclaimed non-Jewish Zionist, claimed to have been attacked outside the Le Volt night-club in Gatineau Quebec by machete-wielding Arabs. Back then, I pointed out a number of inconsistencies in their claims; for example, the alleged victims, Mark Klibanov and Nick Bergamini, had told the media that they faced these Arabs alone while at the same time revealing on their various Facebook pages that they had been accompanied by a third person, this third companion's existence confirmed later via police reports.

In any event, Carleton wound-up for the summer and, since one of the alleged attackers was supposedly a student, the case fell by the wayside, with the Mark and Nick hoping they might be able to identify the perp(s) when school resumed this Fall.

But apparently not. After reading the Globe story, I fired off an email to Isabelle Poirier, PR person for the Gatineau Police, and was informed earlier this morning:

Good morning!

There is no more information in this file. The victim was met by the investigator but we don’t have enough proof for make an arrest and put accusations. The file is closed for now. If we have more information in the future, we’ll open it again.

Have a good day!

A rather unsatisfactory ending, and one that does nothing to mitigate my origional suspicions that the claims made by Klibanov and Bergamini were trumped up or imaginary.

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deBeauxOs said...

Trumped up, imaginary or a strategic bit of truthiness that could trotted out at a judicious moment to "prove" that a tsunami of barbaric anti-semitism is poised to be unleashed upon Canada?