Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Most Important Political Numbers You Will Read Today

...have nothing to do with last night's by-elections. They're the qaurterly and monthly GDP numbers from Stats-Canada:

Real gross domestic product (GDP) rose 0.3% in the third quarter, following a 0.6% gain in the previous quarter.... On a monthly basis, real GDP by industry declined 0.1% in September.

And, in short, they stink: under-performing both for the month and the quarter. This is the kind of drip-drip of bad economic news that eventually sinks a government. Eventually being the operative word.


CanadianSense said...

In 2009 the floor fell out and it did not sink us as your party was unwilling and unable to win a vote of non-confidence.

In 2010 our numbers are the best in the OECD?

Voters in two years, seven contests VOTERS have not punished the incumbents for managing the economy. You really believe the collapse of the Euro or Dollar will sink this government too?

Canadians are very bright and they punish the party responsible: NB example or US mid term elections.

The Federal Government is 4/7 in two years with by elections that is 59%. Last night they earned 2/3 or 66%.

In every poll on direction of country numbers are good?

In every poll on elections issues they are good?

Votes are not angry with this Federal Government. You guys need a better script.

Gayle said...

Apparently CS missed something in your post. I will help:

"Eventually being the operative word."

Shiner said...

I'd love to chalk up CS's horrible grammar to speed commenting, but if that's the case, why the long comments? It could be just as illegible keeping things to 40 characters.

Gene Rayburn said...

maybe its some form of rapid speed typing diarrhoea seeing as all CS can do is shit all over the comments as usual.

Or as used to be said a while ago. Canadiansense is wanking again in public with two hands.

Gerrard787 said...

And, in short, they stink: under-performing both for the month and the quarter. - BCL

What are you comparing Canada too? Ireland? Spain? The US? The Euro zone?

The world is going through its worst financial shocks in 50 years. In that context, Canada's results are excellent.

Maybe you could go back to commenting on how progressive it is that Toronto police will (finally) start accepting applications from persons who wear turbans, decades after everyone else. :)

Shiner said...

What are you comparing Canada too? Ireland? Spain? The US? The Euro zone?

Canada you tit, it's based on expectations. There's no reason to lump Canada in with any of those countries.

Tof KW said...

Paul, we're an exporting nation filled with resources that are still in high demand and fetching decent prices on the markets. China and the developing nations are still posting growth rates of 7%, and Europe's status doesn't change that. As Shiner rightly pointed out, we are not Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, or any other nations on the verge of defaulting on their national debt. If you wish to compare us with anyone, the Aussies come to mind quickly as someone in our weight-class. Oh, their GDP in the last reported quarter rose 1.2%. They are also busy negotiating a free trade deal with China.

Gerrard787 said...

Canada you tit, it's based on expectations. There's no reason to lump Canada in with any of those countries. - Shiner

No need to be vulgar Shiner. If your point has merit, it will stand on its own.

I'm not sure whose expectations you are referring to. Can you explain?

Thankfully, we aren't in the same mess that other countries are, but we have to relate some of our moderate GDP growth to the disastrous conditions in numerous countries.

We are riding out a storm at present. Expecting full speed ahead at this moment in time is unrealistic. Personally, I am very impressed by Canada's economic situation.

Terence said...

Gayle said:
"Apparently CS missed something in your post."

He misses facts every time;in fact his local riding association won't have anything to do with him..guess why!!!

I think last night's results are very good for the Libs. Fantino should have knocked the Libs right out of the box but instead they created a very credible opponent for the next general election when Fantino will have to run on harper's vapor trail and be a nobody.
The WPG North results are very good as the so called tory spoiler was a zero and they finished a distant third.

The Libs are pushing on the NDP as both they and the Greens accomplished absolutely nothing last evening and I think the Libs could possibly now smell two way races in many more ridings which will be of great benefit to them .

Gene Rayburn said...

"No need to be vulgar Shiner. If your point has merit, it will stand on its own."

Hollow words from a man who has never given any citation or proof. Merit Paul S? You just provide opinion without facts. But keep on being hypocritic about it. You and CS do the objective commenter role to an equal level of insincerity and incompetence.

Unknown said...

"What are you comparing Canada too? Ireland? Spain? The US? The Euro zone?"

Sure Dumstrum,

Canada: +0.3%
Ireland: not available
Spain: +0.0%
US: +0.5%
Euro: +0.4%
Uk: +0.8%
France: +0.4%
Germany: +0.7%

Woohoo! Better we beat Spain!
Now, the question is, who were you comparing Canada to when you said the results were "excellent"?

Gene Rayburn said...

Im guessing Niger, Chad & Burkina Faso if Paul actually knows where they are.

Gerrard787 said...

Lenny, our results are excellent when you include the health of our banks, our manageable debt/deficits and relatively high employment rates.

Take a trip to Florida or any of the Euro PIIGS, talk to some of locals and then tell me how bad we have it here.

You guys are such crybabies sometimes.

Gerrard787 said...

T of KW, the newest data on Australia's GDP shows growth for the quarter to the end of September has slowed to 0.2%.

Gene Rayburn said...

Paul S thanks for the quintessiential conbot comeback.
Laced with insults, and showing a distinct lack of proof, Paul Stupid provides an answer that delivers nothing, nothing but talking points.

You're just the human equivalent to an advertising sign on a subway platform Paul. The cpc just loads you up with the party message and off you go. No thinking, no understanding just rinse and repeat.

So how about those links to proof so your claims can be backed up? How about providing a response instead of some weak rant about Euro pigs?

Back to your subway platform Paul Signboard.

Oh and you should hear what the people on the streets of Rosetown are saying about you. You should really get that seen before it gets infected.

Gerrard787 said...

What is your fetish with links Gene?

Certainly one need not be terribly well informed to realize Canada is presently amongst the most stable countries in the free world in the financial sense.

Reality is not a conbot talking point Gene, but reality is a world us conbots inhabit more regularly then you and your progressive brethren.

Iceland is clawing itself back from the brink, the United States still has a massive hole to drag itself out of and there is a possibility that the Euro currency may get torn apart.

And you have the audacity to ask for links? Would you be able to read them if I provided them?

CanadianSense said...

Paul S,

don't be hard on the apologists for the LPOC. They had their heads handed to them in Vaughan.

They think a loss of 9500 Liberal voters from 2008 is a good sign.

They are thrilled the NDP base did the same thing in WPG for 8,000.

The coalition of Lib-NDP don't quite get the math problem of trading seats with each other.

They also have some twisted perversion to wish failure on Canada to regain power. They can't accept the democratic results from 2006-2010.

Tof KW said...

As big a star candidate as the CPC could pull out of their ass ...and he barely wins. That's hardly a 'heads handed to them' victory when all the pundits predicted Fantino would win in a landslide ...also the outcome I expected.

And nice way to go off-topic again dipshit.

- - -

And now to get back on topic and to speak with a person who's not a nitwit...

Paul, just curious where you got the newest Aussie figures showing growth decreasing to 0.2%?

CanadianSense said...

The S&P/TSX composite index added 195.47 points to close at 13,148.35, with all of the main indexes in positive territory. That’s nearly 100 points higher than the previous post-recession high of 13,052.48 on Nov. 8. Prior to that, the TSX had not closed above 13,000 since September 2008.

Our export success is not benefiting from the low dollar during the last economic boom with JC-PM at the helm.

Liberals and Bloc are taking turns in supporting key CPC items.

F35 vote 170 votes for Jets
Mission Extension 209 votes.

Clearly Liberal and Bloc support the CPC.

Gene Rayburn said...

No fetish here Paul S. You just never cite any proof. yes I do have the audacity to ask for links because I dont think you have the cajones to provide them. I will read them objectively unless you are submitting opinion or conjecture as proof.

CS please get some help. It's obvious from your rapid fire issue of self-created statistics and meandering, moderately insane rambles that you arent well. It's the holiday season and you're going to be around others. Please get some help before you go mad and attack your neighbour with the turkey knife thinking its Michael Ignatieff.

Found the CS Loves Iggy thread recently.. Were you really jilted at a high school dance by Iggy? That explains A LOT about your crackpottiness.

Anyways, keep wanking with two hands CS.

Tof KW said...

Gene, Paul actually got that right. The Aussie growth reports just came out yesterday (after I posted here) and their growth did fall to just 0.2% of GDP in the latest quarter. Needless to say their dollar dropped on the news, they were anticipating the economy slowing but still expecting 0.5% growth.

As for CS - is that true she got jilted by Iggy back in the day? That would explain a lot.