Friday, November 26, 2010

Fox News North: Coming Soon (And Leaving Soon After)

So let the Culture Wars begin, and let them not end until the Canadian air-waves are cleansed of this Conservative Menace!


Kirbycairo said...

Is it going to be a "must carry" station or only on order?? I haven't seen anyone mention this.

Jim Parrett said...

Only on order. So, if you want to experience the buffoonery, it will cost you.

Mike Brock said...

You're assuming that cable companies won't package SUNTV into their regular news packages, which include things like MSNBC, CNBC, etc.

They will, and most cable subscribers will end up getting it.

Although, I'm not terribly excited to see the emergence of tabloid neocon TV, I have a funny feeling that this network will be popular, if only because it will try to be entertaining.

Of course, the news as entertainment is a sick perversion of culture in our modern world, but even if you watch Fox News, disagreeing with every point, the truth is: they make it entertaining.

It's a side show, yes. But when you consider how much time we spend watching garbage like Jersey Shore in our society, is it any wonder why sideshow, tabloid news ends up the most popular.

I wouldn't count SUNTV out because of it's political positions. They don't matter to it's success.

You give Canadians too much credit if you think they're "above" this sort of crap. I have news for you: they're not.

WhigWag said...

I dunno about the leap to "most" cable subscribers will end up getting it, Mike:

what makes you think that "most" subscribe to the extra tier of news channels?

maybe I'm the exception cuz I'm just cheap, but I get CBC NN free as part of basic, & I'm good with that. But I'll bet a lot more add on sports & movie channels than they do cable news; "most" are NOT news junkies.

Plus, some satellite & cable co's may not even offer it at all, much less as a default part of a sub-package. Sun now has to negotiate with each one individually.

Reality Bites said...

Well it will only go to people with digital cable or satellite, but Mike is right.

Most cable companies don't offer packages by type of programming. Just small, larger, biggest.

As with most channels out there, they'll get their subscriber fees regardless of whether anyone is watching or not.

bigcitylib said...


Well, entertaining must mean different things to different people. I don't think fox is particularly entertaining. And, with SunTV...we all know who's going to be there: a bunch of talk jocks in their 50s, WK and Levant. Unless they suddenly become all way more entertaining TV then they've been, I don't see a huge draw.

And then there's Levant. Remember a guy named Morton Downey Jr.? Popular for a couple of years, but in the end they couldn't book anyone to guest on his show. He verbally abused them and kept touching their nuts. Levant will be like that, unless he can fake charming.

Anonymous said...

They will, and most cable subscribers will end up getting it
Given that Quebecor is Videotron and (at the moment) uses a lot of Rogers services (for mobile), I expect FNN to be force-fed down our gullets...