Friday, November 19, 2010

Fox News North Delays Launch

La Presse provides an English translation, or you can read the original through this link. But the upshot is they're looking at sometime in 1st quarter 2011 rather than on January 1st, as previously stated. No reason given. Feel free to speculate in the comments. My favorite theory is...whoever thought this was a good idea has run out of LSD and is having 2nd thoughts.


CK said...

I like your reason.

Perhaps the legal team all ran away when they found out Ezzy Levant would have his own show? And of course, no lawyer in their right mind would work there knowing this?

Reality Bites said...

To be fair, January is a terrible time to launch a new channel. Advertisers have little money to spend on media with an established audience, let alone an upstart

Gene Rayburn said...

on the other hand, your audience has spent a ton during the holidays and now is staying home watching TV. Advertising post Christmas is a pretty successful time, just not for retailers who's focus is on Christmas and gifts. You're in the middle of RRSP season and plenty is spent on advertising for that.

January is a crap time to launch a station but there never really is a bad time for advertising.

Just means more walk in bath commercials come January.

Reality Bites said...

Certainly there are bad times for advertising. The fact that stations sell their available slots says nothing about what they sold them for. And companies that have already allocated their budgets aren't going to be looking to find extra funds. They're not thinking "Oh gee, if I'm not on Sun News, people won't see my advertising."