Monday, November 15, 2010

Testify, Brother

Gruending takes on the Gov., the Libs and, most importantly, the press:

The Liberal-Conservative elite accommodation extends to Canada’s corporate media as well, even though polls have shown that an overwhelming number of Canadians want the Afghan mission ended. In October, The Globe and Mail carried a series of articles regarding the future of Canada’s armed forces. The Globe admitted that the series was meant to oppose a strong public mood in favour of pulling back from overseas military interventions. The Afghan war, the paper conceded, has not gone well. But the newspaper believes that the war has been a testing ground creating a battle hardened Canadian military which can now use its muscle elsewhere.

The Globe op-ed, here, really is quite appalling: we've got a war machine, lets take it on the road.

And another good bit:

The common argument is that Canada cannot leave now because the job is not done. The same people may well be making the same argument in 2014.


MgS said...

The historical record for Afghanistan suggests that the odds of "finishing" the work over there is approximately zero.

Gerrard787 said...

Gruendig is a former Dipper MP from Saskatchewan. People still speak disapprovingly of him on the streets of Rosetown.

And you quote someone like that BCL??

Holly Stick said...

If people like Paul S. disapprove of him, that is a good character reference for Gruending.

Gene Rayburn said...

Are these the real people of Rosetown or just the voices that occupy Paul S' head?

Still it's consistent Paul S; anecdotal, gossipy and devoid of fact.

croghan27 said...

Good move, Paul S. If you cannot dispute th facts, try to attack the messanger ....

Do you make you tea with a bag?

Koby said...

The Globe and Mail needs to get with the times.

As has become readily apparent over the last 10 years, Canada can no longer consider its foreign policy without also asking questions about how this or that policy might impact upon domestic security. The Toronto 18 is a great case in point. The war in Afghanistan was what motivated the Toronto 18.

Canada is especially vunerable. Indeed, if the Montreal subway is bombed and the motivation for the attack was the Afghan mission, there would be huge uptake in the support for separatism. The PQ and Bloc will argue that the bombing is proof that Quebec needs its own foreign policy.