Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wegmania: The Links

USA Today's 2nd story re Edward Wegman's alleged plagiarism in The Wegman Report has sparked a veritable media tidal wave, at least in comparison to the 1st one. For example, Wegman himself responds to the allegations here with the immortal words:

We have never intended that our Congressional testimony was intended to take intellectual credit" for other scholars' work.

Of the lot, this story is the funniest and while, generally speaking, there isn't a whole lot of new information in any of them, there is a change of focus away from Wegman himself and towards Republican Rep. Joe Barton, who commissioned the original report, who may once again become chair or the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and who has a thing for witch-hunts against climate scientists.


Anonymous said...
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John Mashey said...

Your article is totally wrong, Joe Barton has never with-hunted. He goes after the real *witches* in the manner prescribed by the best, i.e., Monty Python.