Friday, November 26, 2010

Hudak Promises To Have A Plan

From his Thornhill speech:

First, a PC Government will deliver a plan to govern.... It’s clear, Ontario families need relief.

However, Hudak does not currently have such a plan. It's in development. He's getting "feedback":

…. In the months ahead, we will use the feedback we are getting to develop our plan to govern.

Well, hang on, it's not quite true to say that Hudak is entirely bereft of vision. He's revealed at least one of the arrows in his quiver:

To help reign in spending and get government focused on the basics families need most, I am calling for a mandatory Sunset Review process....

Yeah. You got it. He's going to initiate a process. That got my heart beating a little faster. What's he got to do about the HST, though, other than bitch about it?


Which is to say that his position is unchanged.

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Dennis Hollingsworth said...

I will stop just short of suggesting that Tiny TinMan Tim Hudak is a total FRAUD ARTIST + MERCHANT of Fraudelence !!!