Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Renogate Scandal Update: Christian Paradis Owns a $5,000 Coat?

That's more than my car cost. Der Volk won't be happy. It's definitely not the kind of coat you'd wear to drink the peoples' coffee at Tim's. In fact, that's even alotta coat to be wearing for a cup of the gay stuff at Starbucks. No, you'd only wear a $5,000 coat to drink seriously uppity coffee; they probably wouldn't let the likes of you and me into a place that serves coffee that elite.

Note: 5Gs is alot even for cashmere; this baby comes in at under four large, and its the most expensive one I could find.


Mark Richard Francis said...

A $5000 coat? Is Paradis sipping lattes like an elitist liberal these days?

You know, producing a receipt for the replacement coat his riding association bought him doesn't prove he didn't receive the $5000 coat from the construction company at the request of one of his aides.

Maybe it was the same guy who was interfering in all those access to information requests?

Anonymous said...

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