Friday, November 05, 2010

There's Never A Dead Mouse Around When You Need One

This guy annoys me. A beautiful, albino California king snake crawls up out of his drain and all he can think of is his own safety. And when he finally summons the courage to return to his apartment, the snake is gone! Luckily, the poor dear (the snake I mean) can survive without food for a good length of time. More of an issue will be keeping warm. If I were the tenant in question, I'd keep an eye out around the heating vents. And you can usually get your local pet stores to supply you with dead mice should the animal turn up again. He might even leave out a bowl of warm milk (Just kidding. Snakes don't usually go for dairy products, except perhaps certain varieties of artisan cheese; he might try a few quail eggs, though).

But I mean really; the Lord gifts this man with a free snake and he blows it! (his chance at a free snake, obviously, not the snake itself)

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