Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Donna Laframboise Slays The Unicorn

The newly almost-famous Donna Laframboise begins a multi-part series charting the rise and fall of Fox News North. Not nearly as enjoyable as "I was Seduced And Abandoned By Kory Teneycke", the new post begins with a boring dissertation on intellectual freedom, and ends with Donna hissing the words "Margaret Atwood", as though one might spill an elitist's latte merely by willing it.

With the promise of more to come, I'm afraid. Personally, I'm waiting for her 5-parter on spanking the monkey.


Dave said...

Not much of a statistician, is she? And she has a few problems with facts. She would have been a good fit with Fox North.

Shiner said...

The ballad of Kory Teneycke eh? Not exactly going to be Beowulf is it?

Shiner said...

By the way:
Donna The Raspberry = Awesome