Monday, November 15, 2010

A Coalition, If You Will

The Bloc Québécois and the Harper government are rumoured to be engaged in a sensitive Pas de Deux that will likely see Québec City win federal funding for a new arena to host the NHL...

But I don't believe it. Or, at least, I don't believe that an arena is on the table. Quebec City can't have its arena unless Saskatchewan gets a domed stadium. But Saskatchewan can't have a domed stadium unless some other province gets some other expensive bauble.

This article is the sound of Monday morning gum-flapping from the depths of our current political wasteland.


CK said...

Weird scenario, given the last time there was minute hope of Harper funding that rink, his polling numbers went up in la Belle Province, at the expense of the Bloc, of all parties, not the others (they don't have that much further to go down in this province mind you).

Now, since the arena all but assures not only Conservatives in & around Quebec city area keep their seats in next election, but perhaps even gain a few more at the expense of the Bloc, plus Duceppe voting along with Harper's sure to be austere budgets coming up, I have to ask, what's in it for Duceppe, politically? It doesn't add up.

double nickel said...

Colour me cynical, but maybe the answer is here: