Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Cynic Triumphant

Congratulations to CC for screwing $85,000 out of blogger and major-league dickhead Patrick Ross for defamation. Dawg has the details. One question that has arisen, though--does Ross have enough money to make the legal action worthwhile? If I remember, PR worked in the Alberta oil-patch and owned a house--or at least I remember being invited to the party at his house once the judge ordered it turned over to CC. Its all a bit fuzzy, but there is definitely supposed to be a party somewhere. On CC, obviously.


Mark Richard Francis said...

CC will find out. He's quite committed.

I believe liens get evaluated favourably during bankruptcy proceedings, but, depending on how AB bankruptcy law works, PR will likely be able to hang onto his principle residence.

PR now has a libel award against him larger than what Levant recently got hit with. What a supreme asshole PR is!

Gayle said...


Looks like he can get out of this by going into bankruptcy. Of course doing so has other repurcussions and it does not end the legal obligation to take the offensive material off his blog.

If he does not go into bankruptcy his bank accounts and wages may be subject to a garnishee.

Dr.Dawg said...

Somehow the phrase "I bankrupted that asshole Patsy Ross" has a certain aura, even without the money.

Boris said...

I'm not sure that bankruptsy equates to getting out of it. CC might not see any money, but Patsy will have deep sixed his credit and completely wankered his life for the near future.

There's more than a few folks around the UofA who are delighted with the news.